Why You Really Need SharePoint Libraries benefits?

SharePoint libraries

Apart from the cool functionality of accessing files from anywhere, SharePoint offers best features and the ability to filter, sort, and group files and items so you only see the stuff you want to see, how you want to see it. This is possible because of the capabilities of SharePoint libraries.

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While you share a folder on drive, it becomes hard to find document in the pool of folders. Secondly, there is no way for multiple recipients to edit and collaborates the same document. This results in slow workflow and lessens productivity levels.

Therefore, SharePoint Libraries are the best option for improving collaboration within your organization.

Generally, SharePoint has many types of libraries and it is important to pick the correct one for your use. At Adaacloud, we offer SharePoint services for Dubai region. In this blog, we present the benefits of SharePoint Libraries that are useful for storing and management of documents in an easy way. These benefits are only possible with SharePoint and not possible with traditional windows folders.


  • Document libraries are used to share not just documents but large number of files. The arrangement is similar as you arrange files in folder. Like contract details files in one library and company policies in another library, this is similar to folders in windows.
  • Version control adds the ability to work on the older version of documents and can edit the draft of file or document.
  • Assigning metadata for the documents like author name, date, and short information on file adds the ability to manage additional file properties.
  • All files which are transferred from SharePoint are encrypted for SSL enabled SharePoint sites.
  • The check-in & check-out capability avoid overwriting of each user’s edits in a document. The document is checked back every time after editing. Thus allowing the user to create a major or minor version of the changes to be stored in library.


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