Why is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central the right choice?

For many companies, it is nothing short of a challenge, a task or an experiment in choosing an ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning; with primary factors such as functionality, security, accessibility etc. Having said this, AdaaCloud Dubai, UAE attempts to look at some of the ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central works in facilitating the process which fits like a glove in your business enterprise.

Customizability is one of the major forces of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  The system is so comfortable that although the system comes with many of the crucial functional tools needed frequently by different businesses, yet it is easy to add on custom features to meet every company’s specific requirements.

Modern technology is ever-changing and evolving with time with software getting constantly updated.  The older systems getting phased out and new versions come in its place; mind you, these new versions are also short-lived as the next generation/version gets launched. At times, the switchover while upgrading is a bit difficult. Nevertheless, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central sets make the transition seamlessly easy during customizations from earlier versions to the upgraded versions. This bespoke ERP system keeps pace with the technological evolution besides saving time and money even while upgrading the systems to the next improved level.  It also allows companies to keep pace with new software advances making life simple without any hassle or potential risks of losing valuable data during the transition phase.

The next significant advantage of Dynamics 365 Business Central is its flexibility. One of the distinctive features offered by Dynamics 365 Business Central is the industry-specific tools which allow users to adopt the system that fits their business needs. It is also more representative of the data that is vital to their business with the intrinsic characteristics of flexibility through cloud technology. The users are allowed to store information within the cloud rather than on a particular server or database, thereby making the data more accessible.

This versatile ERP puts users in control of the method they store information regarding all their business, suppliers and customers. Flexibility plays another important role in Dynamics 365 Business Central which is easily scalable and makes it applicable for a wide range of companies with ease of managing data within growing companies.

Dynamics 365 Business Central has the capability of providing an advantage to users in the form of compliance. With modern business going global successfully, it is pertinent that companies doing business outside of their home state or country know and follow the different laws of the country and adapt their software accordingly. Thanks to the compliance and customizability of Dynamics 365 Business Central that facilitates the process by letting users adjust settings so that their data is collected and stored in accordance with local laws. It also makes it easy to report in various other local languages and currencies thereby minimizing confusion when conducting business anywhere in the world.

Dynamics 365 Business Central includes built-in intelligent business apps which has the capability to connect and share data viz., such as inventory, sales and accounting.  By having all these systems integrated on a unified platform, only helps to provide key insight about the condition of the business, facilitating instant generation of reports. This also helps key decision makers to understand any type of issues of the business and address them immediately instead of having to depend on others to gather reports from different departments. Another advantage is the financial performance that can even be tracked in real time by using Power BI dashboards that are built into Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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