What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is the customer management software from Microsoft, which we all know.  How is it going to help run business is what we are going to find out?

An emerging business head would wish to maximize the efficiency of his employees, increase productivity and develop the business. Dynamics 365 puts all the business solutions into a single seamless experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a combination of two categories of solutions


Customer Relationship Management or CRM:-

This is related to your daily routine business operations particularly associated with customers. Standard CRM solutions comprise of Customer information databases, requirement for sales team, service and marketing automation tools. It basically facilitates interactions with customers and promotion of sales.

Enterprise Resource Management or ERP:-

Backed by powerful tools for accounting, this helps you to keep track of financial data, field service tracking and project resource management.  ERP tools allow medium and established business organizations to manage extensive networks of resources. The information gathered is in real time on a broader spectrum.

Dynamics 365 Combines CRM & ERP Business Solutions:-

Dynamics 365 allows the concerned teams with the required tools to handle prospective clients professionally and continue to maintain existing relationships.  It also empowers every member of the team to plan effectively by utilizing time between different platforms.

Achievements – Dynamics 365 Business:-

  • Dynamics 365 Business Plan
  • Dynamics 365 Financials
  • Dynamics365 Sales (Spring 2018)
  • Dynamics 365 Marketing (Spring 2018)
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service (Spring 2018)

Created for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

A focused CRM solution is what Dynamics 365 Business Plan is all about.  What more?  It comes with financial tools at a bargain price offered together with all the great functionality of the Dynamics 365 Financials, Sales and CRM solutions for keeping your business running seamlessly. Dynamics 365 CRM solutions is available with the flexi billing cycle.

Establishing Your Foundation With The Dynamics 365 Enterprise

  • Dynamics 365 Enterprise Plan
  • Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation
  • Dynamics 365 Operation
  • Dynamics 365 Marketing (2018)

Created For Companies That Opt For Advanced Service Solutions

A fully loaded Enterprise Plan comes with the most advanced business solutions that Microsoft has to offer. Equipped with standard CRM software, full field service and marketing tool integration with up-to-date software, you can manage any client and can even draw necessary information available from the start of customer relationship.

Complete customer information available in a single and seamless experience.  Additionally, your team will be able to reduce the time. Marketing can populate information about clients and furnish complete statistics, thereby giving your sales team the desired acumen to sell the right product effectively.

Moreover, this plan allows you enough scope to control your resources with powerful CRM tools to keep your team abreast with current business trends.

Dynamics 365 Sales – The New Dynamics CRM Online

Customers are focused in modern times. Thanks to the awareness about the products and services, they wish to buy. It has been found that nearly 57% of the decision-making process is done much before they even begin talking to a provider.  It is necessary to reduce the time your sales team spends in obtaining the relevant information for the next prospect.

Also important is to consider giving the right cases to the sales team in order to manage and prioritize the leads. Even while on the move, they can view important details of the customers on their mobile devices, such as profile of each customer and the history of their interactions, their choice etc. This will help in building a strong customer base tailored accordingly with meaningful profiles; thanks to tools of Dynamics 365. In other words, the sales team would focus and hit the target to close the sale in a time bound manner.

Dynamics 365 – On The Field:-

Chances of losing a customer would be high if they had a bad experience in the past.  Quite likely, your brand will take a beating.  However, armed with Dynamics 365 Field Services, the sales team is authorized to be flexible to efficiently handle every aspect of clients’ relationships.

Significantly, the sales team on the field generates revenue for the business. Thus, it is imperative to keep a tab on them and track them in real time to resolve their issues.  Schedule meetings manually or program it on to a system to perform automatically to fix appointments with a client. Thereafter, a sales person can be directed to attend sales/service calls as scheduled.

This is because Dynamics 365 Field Services integrates inventory and agreement which facilities the sales team to make commitment to the customers accordingly.

Dynamics 365 – Customer Service:-

This portal gives a complete picture of clients’ profile wherein the field sales team can be empowered with a unified service platform in order to effectively fulfill clients’ needs.

Even when interacting with your customer understand their needs as customer is always the king. Customer service improves the knowledge base and allows choosing the relevant information for presenting to the sales/service personnel in the field. The powerful interactive dynamic visual tools to analyze trends in customer behavior come handy for customer interaction.

Dynamics 365 & Office 365 – Seamless Integration

Dynamics 365 easily connects and without any hassle incorporates with all other Microsoft Office 365 software.  Besides saving time considerably, it also integrates with Excel, Word, Outlook and more to provide with the most relevant data to the team on the field.

It is a breeze assessing Dynamics 365 on your mobile device even when you are out on a sales call. It is as easy using the desktop app. Dynamics 365 and other programs of the 365 series are available in both the iOS and Android app stores.  Even through your web browser, they can simply be accessed.

Needless to say, Dynamics represents the evolution of CRM & ERP; very flexible, in the cloud, on demand!
















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