What are the uses of Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Dynamics CRM Microsoft

Customer Relationship Management software is required for a business where the interaction between customer goes beyond the initial stage. The use of CRM software is more than managing names and email addresses of every customer. You can make use of CRM system in a versatile manner. The system gives you and your customer ease of communication organized data and customer satisfaction.

By using CRM software, you get through understanding of customer issues, resolve it quickly that in turns increases customer loyalty and lowers agitation among customer.

Not all CRM software guarantees these features; there are few CRM software provider companies globally that offer 360 view of customer data between different departments of the company. And one of the best global CRM software provider tech giant is Microsoft.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a single interface for all customer-facing activities. From creating a marketing campaign to tracking service productivity, MS Dynamics CRM helps the organization in boosting sales conversion rates. As this software has three functional modules that are sales, marketing, and customer service, you can measure campaigns progress from start to end. Also, Dynamics CRM online version helps your sales team to be more efficient as it gives you access to social data for tracking lead generation. In addition, collaboration among teams or workgroup aid faster reach a target, attract, engage and retain customers with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

What’s more, Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes with a Native app. This means you can access this software using a mobile device. This app can be further customized to meet your requirement. Even your field teams get access to information if internet connection is not available in the area.

Now comes the deployment part, where Dynamics CRM is available in the cloud, and on-premise model. However, with the introduction of Dynamics 365, a cloud-based software with ERP and CRM combination; there is rapid growth in its user base. Still, MS Dynamics CRM is a suitable option for small and medium-size business.

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