Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Hospitality Industry

hospitality ERP

No matter what size of hospitability business is- small or large, there will always be need of a reliable enterprise resource planning software to handle day to day transactions. Although many small-scale businesses in this industry still depend on a spreadsheet, this may not be reliable if you are planning for long-term growth. Be it bar services or lounge, maintaining daily transactions and a large amount of daily data requires a robust system.

Using a reliable system the hotel industry can track guests’ likes, dislikes, room and food preferences, and past dates and lengths of their stay. It can help hotel industry to enhance internal processes, customer care, etc. for smooth functioning of the entire system. In fact there are many ways in which the ERP system streamlines the entire process of business operations. Here is AdaaCloud’s way of about the benefits of implementing unified ERP & CRM range of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Supervision: The staff can keep an eye on the ongoing process through a single touch point system. You can track room service and cleaning status, check-ins and check-outs, kitchen orders and their service and synchronize further process.

Simplify complexity: As all the modules are integrated like finance, HR, sales, inventory, purchase, complexities can be resolved and can help to blur departmental silos.

Boost efficiency: The real-time information of business data help you plan and coordinate your hotel business smoothly. In-built business intelligence uses various matrices to plan for future occupancy trends. Furthermore, this data is stored in the cloud, which means your data is secure and accessible remotely as well.

Better Business Decision: An ERP system comes integrated with all the necessary applications. Which means your data is standardized. Also, the tools help you to see year-over-year comparisons and forecasts.

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