The best ways to utilize SharePoint with Office 365

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What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web interface used by people for different things with the common goal of collaboration and sharing. For a developer, SharePoint can be used as a platform for development, while an IT admin would use for server products. So as the role of user changes so does the use of SharePoint. And they all are not using it for the same thing. For a business to personal use, the collaborative web interface allows communication and synchronization in an easy way.

So how Office 365 uses SharePoint?

To know how SharePoint and Office 365 work together, let us first understand how SharePoint is used. Traditionally, SharePoint as a platform is used to create, design, and manage workplaces and content. With Office 365, the platform is used for more advanced capabilities. For example in Office 365, you can store & stream videos, where SharePoint is used as a platform for managing the workload at the backend.

Why use SharePoint for better communication and collaboration with Office 365?

  • For an educational institute, collaborative website or blog help the team to share and communicate ideas with only those who are given access authority.
  • All the documents are accessible by team members with a click of a button. Having centralized file accessibility (CMS) benefits team member to work on the same document and make changes simultaneously.
  • Streamline your workflow and social environment with collaborative tools that work with tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • Employees are no longer tied to a desk hence can share information through videos, including communications from senior management, and training.
  • SharePoint is a platform for giving business insights and reporting that helps in taking better-informed business decisions with dashboards, Web Parts, scorecards, key performance indicators (KPIs) and business data connectivity technologies.


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