Hiring a Good SharePoint implementation Company Dubai

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SharePoint has become an important aspect of business when collaboration among teams is considered. It is estimated that 80% of global companies prefer Microsoft’s collaborative platform. Above all the Middle East region SharePoint has acquired more popularity with Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

So when you are planning to switch to SharePoint, or looking to upgrade your existing one, then you will most certainly need expert help. As a leading Microsoft SharePoint Consultancy Dubai, AdaaCloud help organizations to streamline operations and accelerate the process with Office 365 & SharePoint Online. But the question arises how would you choose right SharePoint Consultancy in Dubai? Here are a few things that are to be considered before choosing one.

  1. In-depth experience

An experienced company in SharePoint implementation & development can do miracles for your business. Depending on what kind of SharePoint solution you want, always go for a SharePoint consultant who is experienced to offer customized platform as per your business need.

  1. Knowledge of third party integration

What happens if your applications need to be integrated under SharePoint? Having a third-party tool in your existing SharePoint system will help you in achieving better workflows. A SharePoint deployment requires a lot of skills that meld people with technology.

  1. After implementation support

Make sure you ask the Microsoft consultant about a plan of after implementation of SharePoint. As new workflows with SharePoint takes time to understand, sticking through the end helps adopters gain confidence in working with the software.

  1. Look for a collaborative setting

An experienced SharePoint consultant carries out through assessment. You must always prefer for consultants that asks you lots of questions to understand your organization and internal process. This helps in gaining deeper insights of your company for better collaboration.

Summing up! Working with SharePoint ensures long term success and getting a right partner during this process makes all the difference.


The best ways to utilize SharePoint with Office 365

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What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web interface used by people for different things with the common goal of collaboration and sharing. For a developer, SharePoint can be used as a platform for development, while an IT admin would use for server products. So as the role of user changes so does the use of SharePoint. And they all are not using it for the same thing. For a business to personal use, the collaborative web interface allows communication and synchronization in an easy way.

So how Office 365 uses SharePoint?

To know how SharePoint and Office 365 work together, let us first understand how SharePoint is used. Traditionally, SharePoint as a platform is used to create, design, and manage workplaces and content. With Office 365, the platform is used for more advanced capabilities. For example in Office 365, you can store & stream videos, where SharePoint is used as a platform for managing the workload at the backend.

Why use SharePoint for better communication and collaboration with Office 365?

  • For an educational institute, collaborative website or blog help the team to share and communicate ideas with only those who are given access authority.
  • All the documents are accessible by team members with a click of a button. Having centralized file accessibility (CMS) benefits team member to work on the same document and make changes simultaneously.
  • Streamline your workflow and social environment with collaborative tools that work with tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • Employees are no longer tied to a desk hence can share information through videos, including communications from senior management, and training.
  • SharePoint is a platform for giving business insights and reporting that helps in taking better-informed business decisions with dashboards, Web Parts, scorecards, key performance indicators (KPIs) and business data connectivity technologies.


Microsoft Azure Business Benefits Made Easy – 10 in 1

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The success of an organization is dependent on technology in different states and there is no dispute about this fact for a long time.

But the scheme of things of adapting technology within business and the compelling demand to provide direct ROI (return on investment) behind every line of item needs to have justifiable value.

Ten various benefits of Microsoft Azure that companies of various sizes feel is of value to CXOs though it could be addressed in different ways for demonstration purpose.

Microsoft Azure Benefits – a sharp focus:-

Like any other commercial business activity, the number of organizations adopting cloud-based model is evolving significantly.  However, a little decisive debate before incorporating the concept, in the sense when going for anything new system; whether to implement a complete cloud in the business system or a hybrid migration as a pilot model.

Azure benefits are particularly being focused in this write-up. However, significantly there are a range of Cloud IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) providers available for business, which includes, among others, Rack space Hosting, Google Computer Engine and Amazon Web Services.  Cloud Service Provider’s guide will come in handy should you wish to conduct the above for other solutions.

All the same, our focus states that when it comes to practical business solutions, Microsoft Azure stands the test as it is a class apart.  It further states that it is purely based on more than just an increase in numbers including quantifiable services like analytics, computing, databases, mobile apps, networking, storage and websites.

Armed with these means of Azure business tools your competitors may get an opportunity to beat you to rise in rank.

So Are They Getting More Than You?

Let’s check this out:

  1. Microsoft Azure is Super Fast &Speed Matters:-

Even generally the matter of speed is important but in Azure framework the speed is perceptible; count this as a benefit:

  • Speed to maneuver strategically
  • Speed to deploy appropriately
  • Speed to scale & upgrade

This augurs well with the functionality of Azure which is unbeatable by other cloud providers or even with on-premises software.

  1. Microsoft Azure is Dexterity Personified:-

New and trending technologies are possible with Microsoft Azure where businesses could not only develop and test but also has the potential for feedback and retry when developing their applications. Significantly enough they have the capability of trying out new features and decide its applications and utility for your business even without expensive overhead outlay.  You could even get away with the setting up complex infrastructure. Innovation has taken the lead in modern business thereby setting off an enormous impact considerably.

Moreover, this type of swift action may not be important in terms of getting things executed, but the teams involved can do a lot more, grow quicker and fail faster.

  1. Microsoft Azure – Global Outreach:-

It is important for a business to have their different services operative in data centers on a global platform; that too effortlessly.

This is among the best benefit offered by Azure. This cloud computing service allows modifying the global footprint of an evolving business that needs their applications dynamically in line with performance and use in the business activity.

In fact from a user’s point of view, they enjoy great experience and they are not dependent on location.

More details could be gathered from the map of various Azure regions.

  1. Microsoft Azure – A Complete Development Environment:-

Visual Studio is another bonus from the Azure stable. This is considered to be the world’s leading development environment and the right tools required for building a fully loaded Azure solutions. It is also considered to be a real game changing advantage to soft designers and displays the business acumen of Microsoft Azure.


  • IoT is integrated with Microsoft Azure essentially for the purpose of collating, visualizing and interpreting, where health data is taken from smart watches.
  • Many organizations completely depend on Excel to perform busy critical processes.

In order to increase its capability, we were able to build an engine that        exclusively     depends on the scalability of Azure.

  1. Microsoft Azure – A comprehensive Integrated Delivery Pipeline:-

Comparatively from an enterprise point of view, beyond mere storage the benefit elements churning out from Azure are tremendous.

A unified delivery pipeline is needed from an architecture perspective. Some of them are:

  • Source control
  • Integration testing
  • Unit testing
  • Delivery
  • Go live tools

Assigning specific workloads occasionally to different environments could be advantageous; nevertheless it is a debatable point. When all the tools are available under one roof, there is a great continuity, besides; it also reduces risk of integration set back.

In other words, in the case of product updates or any other changes, Azure can guarantee to a great extent that their pipeline is designed as per the demands of the business.

  1. Microsoft Azure – Disaster Recovery:-

It is very important for providers to have an in built sturdy backup system compatible enough to handle failure or scheduled down time and disaster recovery capabilities as the data being transferred globally.

Rest assured these short comings are taken care appropriately by Azure.

They have regional and global recovery options, besides having rolling reboot capabilities that work amazingly  well, it also has hot and cold standby models.  These matchless capabilities put them far beyond the plain commonplace storage option.

These are not something that may be happening routinely in a business.  But it is definitely something that you can confidently know is happening in the background.

  1. Microsoft Azure – Flexible Expenditure an Azure Benefit:-

Spend more to get more with Azure benefit.  However, Azure to put more resources to work comes in handy if they want to be done faster or with more volume.

Meaning, there is no restructure of infrastructure needed no matter whether it be seasonality where data experiences regular or predictable changes.

  1. Microsoft Azure Security

Business to business or even for individuals enjoys great experience of seamless and secure logon.  This is because the security in Azure enables such benefits.

Familiar accounts such as Facebook or LinkedIn can be used by their customers as they can login to services effortlessly. They are less likely to be hacked by not storing user credentials.

It is a well known fact that with a high data privileges, passwords are an every challenging issue for organizations.  The issue is addressed with the help of Azure Single Sign-on.

  1. Microsoft Azure – Accommodating & Complaint:-

When it comes to compliance, obviously all the organizations that are currently benefiting from Azure can blindly depend on Microsoft having done thorough ground work.

This will indeed enable great resource reallocation when certain industries like finance come under unwanted pressure than ever before due to business development.

  1. Microsoft Azure – Deployed Anywhere:-

Backed by such great tools such as Azure Stack organizations could use their data centre a if it’s Azure. They can use a single model to deploy on-premises and even to the cloud.

Exciting! Isn’t it?

In conclusion: If you afford to ignore these 10 Microsoft Azure business benefits here they are in a nutshell.

If you really want to experience the power of Microsoft Azure that can give to your organization, and the impacts that means, you should really access your Cloud options.  A great way to start is with our cloud service providers simple guide.

Let us know which Microsoft Azure business benefit the most. Write to us or download our guide.













Features and Benefits of Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365

When you move to the Office 365 cloud you will be treated to some key features and benefits. Your organization will continue to use the same software that has been operative for quite a long time now but hereafter, you will shift the load onto Microsoft.  A host of some of the important benefits is listed below:

Greater Productivity Generated With Office 365:-

Management consultants prefer to liberally use the term of ‘productivity’ as according to them it is a powerful word. However, in reality productivity can be summed up in a simple question.  Can an assigned job be effortlessly performed?  For those who came in late, Microsoft has made heavy investments and burned the midnight oil in research on Office 365 to enable a trouble free experience for both administrator and end user.

The initiative is to attain greater productivity in terms of policy and procedure documents in Word composed by a business analyst or an administrator in the process of establishing or formation of new employee.   Obviously, when the technology gets out of the way and you have time to concentrate on the job at hand, you tend to become more productive.  Copy and paste job may be a revolution in terms of giving wings to loads of typing work. Moreover, typewriter is preferable to a Word processor… relatively speaking.

Access From Anywhere With Office 365:-

It is advantages galore when accessing your enterprise software over the internet. Devises such as computer, desktop, laptop, mobile devices or tablet and internet or phones connection respectively is what you need to simply get connected to your enterprise software as the software is running in a Microsoft data center.

A single source of the truth is available consistently when accessing from a centrally located data. Lengthy file names of Excel documents sent by e-Mail are history as in modern day it is a breeze accessing changed document from your mobile device in the comfort of your home and your colleagues viewing the updated documents from their phones in real time.

Further with SharePoint Online which is part of the Office 365 module, a single file like Forecast_Q1_2011.xlsx, is entrenched in Microsoft’s globally distributed billion dollar centers. The document lives in the cloud literally! To enable viewing the document by anyone from the organization from anywhere around the globe, the security permission can be set up accordingly.

Incidentally, the security can be as tight and lenient as desired.  If anybody from the organization wishes to see a company policy document but only want a select group of staff of a particular department to edit the document, this is also possible. Further, it is the responsibility of SharePoint for all the versioning. Moreover, it allows checking out a document and editing the same so that simultaneously no one else can perform the same task.

If you want to collaborate on the document in real time it is possible by using your web browser.

Working With Office 365:-

In April 2017 Windows Vista was given a decent burial! Microsoft does not always come out with the best software. Windows 7 filled the vacuum with a versatile fully loaded workhorse.

Microsoft realized, albeit late, that users are adamant and do not easily give up the things that they are comfortable with.  A case in pointer is, Office 365 has not changed your favourites even one bit.  However, only difference is that they are now seamlessly connected to the enterprise software living out in the cloud.  Your favourite applications are now resting in the cloud.

Among the benefit and feature about SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 is you can work with the former without ever having to leave the Office applications.  Incidentally, you could fire up Word and can check out a document stored in SharePoint.  You could even have the liberty of reviewing the versions and make necessary changes or can even leave notes, for your colleagues, in order to carry out instructions. Behind the scene, SharePoint is handling the content management functionality with great dexterity.

Office 365 Reliable & Fully Secured:-

Security and reliability are critical issues of an organization that deals with customers on a real time basis. These issues are on the priority list of Microsoft, so your IT team can be rest assured as the matter is in safe hands.  Now they can focus on other important matters related to users so that enterprise software can be put to optimal use.

Inherently Microsoft understands the discomfiture or inhibition that the organization has when offering them confidential tasks. However, Microsoft has broad service level agreements that help you to relax.

Office 365 Efficiently Provides IT Control:-

At any given time, IT personnel as part of their duty would like to find out what the staff is doing with their systems. Normally, due to user error, trouble shooting could occur in any of the systems in any department. The systems are programmed to do what they are supposed to do. Microsoft put in efforts in research to create an extensive, but simple and intuitive level of control for administrator.



How to Navigate the Application’s Main Areas Social Engagement

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Dubai UAE

Only with the permission of the System administrator, you could see the assigned pages that are relevant to your business.  You could use the bar at the top of the page to move between all of the different areas of Social Engagement.

Carefully observe the navigation controls below:

  • App launcher: Go to you Office 365 portal and select from your available services.
  • Open Default Page: Start a fresh analysis on Analytics >Overview and reset all active filters.
  • Navigation: Now you could click this button to see the application areas and promptly switch to the area that you are looking for.
  • Sign Out/Change Profile: You could either change your profile by clicking the View Office 365 profile option or Sign Out from Social Engagement and your Office 365 user account.
  • User Option: My Preferences area access is just a click away. Further information about Social Engagement can be seen and gathered.
  • Help Options: View context-sensitive help topics that apply to the area you are working in. In the same breath, you could even swiftly access the Social Engagement forums and support contracts, if desired.
  • Application Areas: The main areas to work in Social Engagement
  • Search Setup: Create and edit search topics, thereby defining the posts that Social Engagement acquires. You could get a general outline of your solution’s data acquisition status and its progress towards the post quota. In order to optimize the quality of your data learn to maintain lists of blocked content.


  • Analytics: Widgets show the data in your solution. Switch between different pages in Analytics for getting to see more detailed information about the areas that are most relevant to your business. Moreover, you may even add filters to slice and dice your business needs.
  • Private Messages: With a single click you can view all private messages in the solution. This is a shortcut to view on the post list with the filter for private message enabled; it may nevertheless appear as an application.
  • Social Center: Streams of posts matching a selected data set can be created and managed in real-time. You can even share streams with other users of your solution depending on your user role and license type.
  • Activity Maps: Real-time visualizations of posts with location information can be created and managed. Show this on a wider screen so that your audience knows where in the world your topics are discussed.
  • Social Selling: Get connected and work directly with the Social Selling Assistant from within Social Engagement and get recommendations on relevant and shareable content that are pertinent to your business.
  • Message Center: You can create and manage alerts to access the most recent posts or even significant changes delivered by email to particular recipients.
  • Settings: Now it is easy for all users to define how the application displays for them.  Even the administrators can manage user roles, set system-wide settings and configure many more preferences.
  • Help: To see the latest help topics, visit the Microsoft Social Engagement Help Center (Opens a new website)


It  is one of the best tool for empowering organizations, teams and individuals to intelligently collaborate discover and share on content anytime from anywhere and through any device. Business conditions today are changing now and then, hence to keep your business growing you need to be agile and that means to invest in solutions that are not only reliable but also flexible. SharePoint provides tailored deployments based on your choice and unique business needs.

Empowering Teamwork

Empower teams, organizations or individuals to intelligently and smartly explore share and collaborate on content from anywhere and on any device.

Microsoft Sharepoint Dubai UAE

SharePoint Server

With SharePoint Server 2016 modernize your in-house infrastructure by improving its performance, reliability and scale while providing a foundation for future innovation.

Cloud-inspired Infrastructure

Dynamic business conditions require you to be always responsive and alert. Investing in solutions that provide reliability with host of features is one such action. SharePoint Server 2016 offers the flexibility to customize deployments based on your exceptionally distinctive business needs.

Modern User Experiences

SharePoint Server 2016 improves user experiences based on innovations in Office 365. Taking faster decisions and staying in contact are essentially critical for running an organization successfully. Accessing important information on the go, anywhere has now become a necessity of an organization. SharePoint Server 2016 with its intelligent features makes file storage and document collaboration more people-centric, with touch-based skills across devices. Additionally, it also provides improved mobile access to content, people, and applications.  The capabilities of SharePoint Server 2016 can be made available either as part of your on-premises deployment or through a hybrid implementation of SharePoint Server 2016 and Office 365.

People-centric Compliance

Data loss cannot be compromised and so is the over exposure of information that may lead to legal implications in an organization. SharePoint Server 2016 provides a broad array of features and capabilities that ensure sensitive information remains safe and the key office personnel have access to the right information at the right time.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online offers enhanced security technologies with Office 365. It is manageable and assessed from almost anywhere. Creating portals and team sites to discover share and collaborate on content with colleagues inside and outside your organization from any device can be done effortlessly now.

SharePoint Online delivers the powerful features of SharePoint without the associated overhead of managing the infrastructure on your own; it is cost effective. Flexible management options ensure that you will still retain the control required to meet the compliance of your organization. SharePoint can be bought in the cloud as a standalone offering. It can also be purchased as part of an Office 365 Suite, where you could access to Exchange, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, the Office clients and web apps.

Anywhere Access

Stay productive wherever life takes you and now with new SharePoint app it is much easier. It is like having your company intranet in your pocket giving you access anywhere to your team and the much needed organizational resources to execute the work.

Sharepoint Dubai UAE

Seamless Collaboration

In modern times SharePoint team site can be considered as your team’s content hub. It is where everyone you work with both inside and outside the organization meet together to get work done in real time by creating and sharing content. This is made possible by using the familiar Microsoft Office tools.

Intelligence & Insights

Begin the day at SharePoint Home. One could see activity across all your sites and groups. Collaborate on the intranet in your team sites stay connected and up to date with happenings and who is who. On the site’s home page and in document libraries, view your team’s activity.  Connect to expertise and content with innovative People Cards that assists you to benefit from whom you are working with and what they are working on. With intelligent recommendations, don’t spend your time searching for files, on the contrary the files will find you!

Enterprise-grade Security & Compliance

Firewall security is needed for any enterprise today. Scalable solution that meets security and compliance requirements is the order of the day. SharePoint ensures unified policies are applied across every workload and every device. While IT department gets the cloud security and compliance requirement most needed, end users get the productivity they have been demanding for.