How to get around in the Settings area Social Engagement

Set the options for your solution and its users by managing directly your Microsoft Social Engagement solution.

  • Page Navigation: Each page lets you set options that apply system-wide or to individual users only, you can move between the different pages of the settings area. However, you may not see all pages in the area as it depends on your user role.
    1. Personal Settings: Define how the application displays for you. The values are initially set by an administrator. However, you can change the default preset values according to your needs.
    2. Global Settings: Administrators can set system-wide preset default values that apply to all new users and newly-created search topics.
    3. Social Profiles: Manage social profiles, with updates from time to time, which you own or that were shared with you, to engage with your audience directly in Social Engagement.
    4. User Management: Ideally administrators define permissions and roles for the users of their solution.
    5. Connections: Administrators can connect Social Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create new records in the connected Dynamics 365 instances. They are also responsible for stream posts as events to Microsoft Azure Event Hubs.
    6. Automation Rules: Create rules that automatically perform actions on a specified dataset.
    7. Settings options: Set the values on the settings pages according to your needs and requirement of your business.