OFFICE 365 Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network:-

Content Delivery Network or CDN is a quick and easy way to boost your website’s performance. It provides the value to your business and the best experience for your users.
Businesses today need to focus on improved user experience in terms of speed. Website Performance is one of the key factors for determining the success of a business.
With every extra second delay in your site’s latency, you could be losing business as users today are busier and less patient.
A website can consist of static content such as images, .css files and .js files or it can be a mix of content that includes both static and dynamic content.


Now you can use the Office 365 content delivery network with SharePoint Online. Microsoft introduced this concept in Office 365 of public and private CDNs.
Office 365 allows you to serve content publically so that you could host your static content like images into a CDN. This content may consist of things such as images, CSS and JavaScript.
The CDN works as a geographically distributed caching proxy, by caching assets closer to the browsers requesting them.
You can easily set one up and start storing your static files in these CDNs.
1. Public CDNs can host basically any type of asset you want to store
2. Private CDNs can host
• IMG/LINK/CSS urls in classic publishing pages
• Content Search Webpart Display Templates + Images from Query results
• Picture Library Slideshow Webpart URLs
• Image Fields from REST API calls
• SharePoint Image Renditions

Office 365 CDN is a capability that can help you improve the performance of your Office 365 portal.
Using the Office 365 CDN, organizations that work across different geographies can improve the performance of their Office 365 portals.