OFFICE 365 Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network:-

Content Delivery Network or CDN is a quick and easy way to boost your website’s performance. It provides the value to your business and the best experience for your users.
Businesses today need to focus on improved user experience in terms of speed. Website Performance is one of the key factors for determining the success of a business.
With every extra second delay in your site’s latency, you could be losing business as users today are busier and less patient.
A website can consist of static content such as images, .css files and .js files or it can be a mix of content that includes both static and dynamic content.


Now you can use the Office 365 content delivery network with SharePoint Online. Microsoft introduced this concept in Office 365 of public and private CDNs.
Office 365 allows you to serve content publically so that you could host your static content like images into a CDN. This content may consist of things such as images, CSS and JavaScript.
The CDN works as a geographically distributed caching proxy, by caching assets closer to the browsers requesting them.
You can easily set one up and start storing your static files in these CDNs.
1. Public CDNs can host basically any type of asset you want to store
2. Private CDNs can host
• IMG/LINK/CSS urls in classic publishing pages
• Content Search Webpart Display Templates + Images from Query results
• Picture Library Slideshow Webpart URLs
• Image Fields from REST API calls
• SharePoint Image Renditions

Office 365 CDN is a capability that can help you improve the performance of your Office 365 portal.
Using the Office 365 CDN, organizations that work across different geographies can improve the performance of their Office 365 portals.

How to Choose the Right Office 365 Plan For Your Business

Agreed it is difficult to choose the right option, rather the best option, for your business from the multiple choices available for Office 365 Plans. If you explore, you may come across, over half a dozen licenses to choose from in addition to add-ons and Microsoft 365.  It is indeed too vast to decide even if you are used to dealing with it on a daily basis.

No need to get bogged down. Stay flexi enough to change plans as per its merits and your convenience. Switch to a different license, if the plan you have chosen does not suit your business pattern.

A Microsoft Partner who deals with Office 365 would also help in getting you the right plan based on your budget and needs. Additionally, the technical nitty-gritty of migration and procuring licenses will be handled by him.

The following are some of the appropriate plan for your business to choose from:

  1. Analyze Your Current System:

Check the current operating systems of your computers, the software etc. Ensure whether they are compatible with Office 365 or get them suitably upgraded now; though there may not be much of a problem as Office 365 is cloud–based.  However, caution; you may face some challenges if your plan includes desktop versions of Office programs viz. Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel.

However, before you migrate to Office 365 you have to determine what programs you wish to move.  Some business organizations start afresh but most move their existing files and emails to Office 365.

  1. Analyze Your Needs:

Evaluate your needs before you move to Office 365 though you may have some idea about this productivity software of Microsoft. FAQs that your stakeholders in your organization or yourself might ask are:

  • Are we going to increase our productivity? Entering into more collaboration?
  • Increase the functioning in our organization in addition to sending emails, create presentations or store files? What more?
  • What are the critical areas of business that will affect post migration?
  • What are the specific compliance needs?
  • So on and so forth, all related to migrating to Office 365

Incidentally, it is difficult to be specific as the needs and requirements of everyone in the company are different according to their job profile. It may be worthwhile to get inputs from every department in order to get the best match of Office 365 Plan that effectively suits them in the long run.

  1. Budget Organizing:

It is imperative that even much before selecting plans the allocation of funds for migrating to Office 365 needs to be considered.  Licensing fees, migration charges downloading etc. have to be taken into account rather realistically.

The billing system of Office 365 licenses are usually charged on a per-user month or yearly basis. When switching and cancelling licenses there is less flexibility in terms of fee levied. All the pros and cons of various charges must be taken in consideration like over all licensing cost to the company, per employee, per department etc.

A certain amount can be saved if an in-house IT person installs Office 365 as migration does not come for free. However, majority of the companies feel contended and secured working with an experienced Microsoft Partner to offer the task of migration.  The cost of migration varies from case to case in terms of size of data, number of employees etc.

  1. Pick & Compare Plans:

You are spoilt for choice as there are many options; it is indeed confusing to compare plans and select the appropriate plan for your organization.  You can disregard those plans that exceed your budget and even reduce the options. For example, the Business Plans such as Business Essential, Business and Business Premium can be reduced if you have more than 300 users.

Still confused?  Leave it to the Microsoft Partner to explain the commercial aspects and viability.

Check out the plans now for comparisons. Microsoft provides a few different places for comparisons in detail with clarity; five of the most popular plans are given here.

Business Plans

Enterprise Plans

Plans by included programs

Other plans are first line workers, nonprofits, education and government

List down your needs of the plans in order to get closer that befits your company. However, it is unlikely that any one fits exactly the way you want.  Options would be to go with the plan or plans that offer everything you need if certain programs are extra that you may not need but easier to manage with a little extra cost. You may even opt for a lower level plan and purchase add-ons licenses as per your needs.

While cybersecurity is a basis requirement, you need to upgrade OS to Windows 10 where you have the options to look at Microsoft 365 plans, which also includes Office 365, what more;  Enterprise Mobility with Security and Windows 10. Incidentally, not every Office 365 plan has a corresponding Microsoft 365 Plan

  1. Review & Reevaluate:

Once you have migrated to Office 365 and using it full throttle, to ensure your employees are on the right plans, you may want to reevaluate your licenses.

Your administrator can check the usage statistics in relation to the programs your employees are using.  Get regular update and feed back from your team about the programs they are operating.

By assessing the feed back, you may find that some team members are not using a particular program.  They can be moved to a lower plan thereby saving some money.

Office 365 Plan may seem a bit hard to comprehend but with the help of an experienced Microsoft Partner, it is a breeze.

Features and Benefits of Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365

When you move to the Office 365 cloud you will be treated to some key features and benefits. Your organization will continue to use the same software that has been operative for quite a long time now but hereafter, you will shift the load onto Microsoft.  A host of some of the important benefits is listed below:

Greater Productivity Generated With Office 365:-

Management consultants prefer to liberally use the term of ‘productivity’ as according to them it is a powerful word. However, in reality productivity can be summed up in a simple question.  Can an assigned job be effortlessly performed?  For those who came in late, Microsoft has made heavy investments and burned the midnight oil in research on Office 365 to enable a trouble free experience for both administrator and end user.

The initiative is to attain greater productivity in terms of policy and procedure documents in Word composed by a business analyst or an administrator in the process of establishing or formation of new employee.   Obviously, when the technology gets out of the way and you have time to concentrate on the job at hand, you tend to become more productive.  Copy and paste job may be a revolution in terms of giving wings to loads of typing work. Moreover, typewriter is preferable to a Word processor… relatively speaking.

Access From Anywhere With Office 365:-

It is advantages galore when accessing your enterprise software over the internet. Devises such as computer, desktop, laptop, mobile devices or tablet and internet or phones connection respectively is what you need to simply get connected to your enterprise software as the software is running in a Microsoft data center.

A single source of the truth is available consistently when accessing from a centrally located data. Lengthy file names of Excel documents sent by e-Mail are history as in modern day it is a breeze accessing changed document from your mobile device in the comfort of your home and your colleagues viewing the updated documents from their phones in real time.

Further with SharePoint Online which is part of the Office 365 module, a single file like Forecast_Q1_2011.xlsx, is entrenched in Microsoft’s globally distributed billion dollar centers. The document lives in the cloud literally! To enable viewing the document by anyone from the organization from anywhere around the globe, the security permission can be set up accordingly.

Incidentally, the security can be as tight and lenient as desired.  If anybody from the organization wishes to see a company policy document but only want a select group of staff of a particular department to edit the document, this is also possible. Further, it is the responsibility of SharePoint for all the versioning. Moreover, it allows checking out a document and editing the same so that simultaneously no one else can perform the same task.

If you want to collaborate on the document in real time it is possible by using your web browser.

Working With Office 365:-

In April 2017 Windows Vista was given a decent burial! Microsoft does not always come out with the best software. Windows 7 filled the vacuum with a versatile fully loaded workhorse.

Microsoft realized, albeit late, that users are adamant and do not easily give up the things that they are comfortable with.  A case in pointer is, Office 365 has not changed your favourites even one bit.  However, only difference is that they are now seamlessly connected to the enterprise software living out in the cloud.  Your favourite applications are now resting in the cloud.

Among the benefit and feature about SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 is you can work with the former without ever having to leave the Office applications.  Incidentally, you could fire up Word and can check out a document stored in SharePoint.  You could even have the liberty of reviewing the versions and make necessary changes or can even leave notes, for your colleagues, in order to carry out instructions. Behind the scene, SharePoint is handling the content management functionality with great dexterity.

Office 365 Reliable & Fully Secured:-

Security and reliability are critical issues of an organization that deals with customers on a real time basis. These issues are on the priority list of Microsoft, so your IT team can be rest assured as the matter is in safe hands.  Now they can focus on other important matters related to users so that enterprise software can be put to optimal use.

Inherently Microsoft understands the discomfiture or inhibition that the organization has when offering them confidential tasks. However, Microsoft has broad service level agreements that help you to relax.

Office 365 Efficiently Provides IT Control:-

At any given time, IT personnel as part of their duty would like to find out what the staff is doing with their systems. Normally, due to user error, trouble shooting could occur in any of the systems in any department. The systems are programmed to do what they are supposed to do. Microsoft put in efforts in research to create an extensive, but simple and intuitive level of control for administrator.