Demystifying use of Artificial Intelligence in Microsoft Azure

azure ai

The artificial intelligence powered future look progressive as many of the tech giants are jumping in this area of innovative technology. In the recent development augmented reality concept is used by online furniture selling firm. This has given a big push for the retail and furniture business. Also, online retail giant Amazon’s Alexa is a wonder device by providing weather, traffic, sports, and other real-time information, such as news.

Technology has gone very far benefiting various industries. Companies are taking advantage of AI to automate processes and get insights into operations. Microsoft is adding AI functionality to its products range. The user of this software is able to find data patterns and get deeper insights which were not possible previously.

To put short, Microsoft is a platform company at its core. Owing to this reason, Microsoft constantly expands global reach and adds new innovation to Azure. Such that all its customers everywhere can succeed!  The vast partner network of Microsoft Dynamics and Azure helps in delivering end-to-end value to organizations of all sizes, all around the world.

How Microsoft Azure uses AI?

Productive and powerful AI tools: The user can choose from pre-built AI tools to create innovative AI applications.

Bringing AI wherever you are: The next generation application can be built where the data is already placed. Whether in cloud or on-premise!

Open and flexible platform: You can choose from the technology and open platform which is best suited for your organization. An application written in any language can utilize cognitive services.

Azure AI made easy to understand: You can achieve more with the set of flexible and trusted AI services from Azure. With the use of cognitive services and conversational AI with bot tools and custom model building with Azure machine learning, developers are armed with the latest technology.

There are infinite benefits of AI solutions in MS Azure. To know more contact us.