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Survey Management Tools
Managing and organize multiple surveys should be as straightforward as creating them. With our clever survey management tools it is. Create folders for different surveys, easily find what you’re looking for, and store themes and frequently used questions in Libraries.
Routine and repetitive surveys require a sophisticated and structured approach to the execution of the survey and the management and reporting of the survey response data. Designed well, robust and repeatable automated processes can take the grind out of handling survey datasets – improving quality and reducing cost on a daily basis.

Survey Management System (SMS) is a web-enabled application which empowers the development, distributing and analysis of survey forms to improve communication, process management, and decision support across the organization. SMS is suitable for institutes that require surveying and interviewing techniques to measure evaluation amongst different participant’s levels and categories.

SMS provides extensive features (described in the following section) to harness a rich survey management experience. Such management features include (but not limited to):
• A rich survey designing architecture
• Powerful survey distribution and redistribution methods
• A rich role-based accessibility engine which encourages SMS users collaboration
• Lots of analytical reports
• Multilingual

Survey management

SMS manages surveying projects from interception until termination. This section and underlying sections are dedicated to the basic architecture of SMS project, the project designing process, and finally the project reporting.

Access management

To create and administrate surveys, a well-defined list of system users, groups, and access rights should be developed. The main group in this list is the Project Management, which includes the users capable of data entry and survey design and distribution.

Survey architecture

At the core of SMS lies the “Survey Entities” which drive the entirety of the system. Each survey entity in SMS is made up of a hierarchal structure of other types of survey entities and so forth. In specific, the following table shows the basic entities making up the SMS “survey Entities” architecture.

Easily Manage Survey Responses
Creating lots of great surveys means getting lots of responses. Keep track of the data you collect by setting response quotas, a survey end date and follow your completion rate statistics.
Organise Your Surveys
It’s great to keep organised. Create folders, sort and file away your surveys, use the search bar to quickly find what you’re looking for and copy existing surveys within your account.
Very Useful Libraries
Save your frequently used questions and survey themes into Libraries so you don’t have to re-create them every time. Also, upload and save images and documents to use in your surveys.
SMS provides the means to set up survey forms which are made up of two levels. On the top level of a survey form are several sections where each section contains several questions underneath. The participant provides his/her responses to each question contained in a survey form.

The system includes wide yet extensible repositories of survey sections and questions. At this point there is no association between both repositories. however, it is the job of project designing to create the structure of survey forms using these two repositories from one side, and linking to a section and its sub-questions as part of the hierarchy.

SMS also provides the means to customize survey forms. Typically, a pool of survey sections and questions are set up first, then the project manager as part of the survey designing process choose a subset of that pool to assign to the certain survey form.

A carefully designed survey form is thus essential for evaluating the experience perceived by the participants throughout the survey lifetime. A survey is then equipped with the necessary analysis to provide the statistical insights needed to highlight opportunities where improvements can be achieved.

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