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Try Our New Competitive Analysis Platform to Stay Ahead…

Keep your eyes and ears open to understand and find your competitors’ trade practices. Keenly observe your competitors’ brand as much as you would do to your own brand. Check the reason about the competition that people keep talking about and what are your plans to address the issue.

Zero In On Key Metrics

It is advisable to create customized dashboards that help to compare your media exposure, share of voice and sentiment to your competitions.

Brand Tracking

Make it a point to regularly manage and track your brand’s reputation by exploring about people’s views about your business across different social platforms. Spot and classify the leads, weigh the pros and cons, gauge the impact of your campaign to determine how you could work against the competition.

  • Carefully monitor conversations to understand the factor of when, where and who are surrounding your brand.
  • Follow and track competitive brand performance across several social media to improve your brand positioning.
  • Listen and engage appropriately but discreetly to what’s being said about your brand in the market.

Lead Identification

Conveying the right message at the right time always triumphs. Our Human Intent Technology identifies leads based on social behavior.

  • Tap into social media conversations to facilitate and influence not only purchasing but also in the decision-making process
  • Filter through the noise to distill mentions and the reasons from users displaying interests in making a purchase
  • Capture leads by grabbing the opportunity from mentions of assurances or promises on social media platforms.

Social Engagement Helps You Engage With Customers As They Speak!

Adaa Cloud Social Media Product finds utility from the consumers’ perspective of your company, your competitors and even the industry in general and provides you the prospect of engaging with them.

Why not – give a try to bespoke Adaa Cloud Social Engagement.

As Social Engagement is basically tête-à-tête that engages YOU with consumers and the industry alike, you have a choice here to be nonchalant or get into a conversation. The choice is yours.

Social Engagement Dubai UAE

Social Engagement refers to monitoring social media outlets actively with an express aim to gathering information about your product, your company or your services. Social Engagement is also sometimes referred to as “eavesdropping” though it has become a standard business practice virtually in modern times, nevertheless it is unethical. You are required to understand your customers’ grievances, if any, their experience with your company; in short gauge their temperament in order to address. Social Engagement makes you understand about your prospects, about you or whether you are doing RIGHT with a provision to quickly respond in the event something needs to be fixed.

It has always been our endeavor and our forte too, to build a versatile platform with dynamic flexibility in order to feel the difference between Adaa Cloud and other Social Engagement platforms. All the same, our intention is not to bind you into our platform. No never! The other providers may just thrust their services down the throat. As mentioned, we undertake to build customized platforms, we have templates and we offer opinions/suggestions about the ethical practices in the space. However, you should have the aptitude to understand the subject and evaluate what and when you want. It also has to be cost effectively viable besides meaningful to you, your managers, your employees, your principals and your company at large as we design the platform as per your requirement.

Adaa Cloud Social Engagement will help you understand the conversation, in a way that matters to you. Customers are talking about you, are you listening?

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