Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Customer Relationship Management generally abbreviated as CRM is nothing but a category of an integrated data driven solutions.

CRM Solutions

A CRM solution improvises the way you interact with your customers and the way you do your business. CRM Systems or say CRM software are specially designed to manage and maintain business and customer relationships by tracking engagements, sales and deliver actionable data all into one single place, which can be easily accessed anytime anywhere…

Solutions for Various Industries

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers solutions for various industries including Real Estate, Hospitality, Public Sector, Service Industries, Distribution and Health care. It is enabled with marketing planning and automation, sales force automation, robust call center and field services solutions for customer service, social listening and engagement and last but not least analytics. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is  developed to work seamlessly and efficiently with Office365, SharePoint, Yammer, Skype, Cortana Analytics, PowerBI, Windows and Microsoft Azure. It has flexible architecture, regular updates and rapid release cycle allows new features and capabilities to be implemented instantly.

Streamline Your Business Process and Increase its Efficiency

In keeping with the rapid world of commerce and industry, where customer is the king, Microsoft Dynamics has developed CRM (Customer Relationship Management), a business solution process that streamlines your business process and increases its efficiency, sales and services, resulting in more profits. Among other features, CRM helps to develop leads, nurture contacts, track your sales and retain a list of satisfied customers.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Dubai UAE

 Microsoft Dynamics CRM basically covers three fundamental steps:-  

  • Finding a customer and developing long lasting relationships.
  • Take the relationship to a level of profitability
  • Ensure complete satisfaction throughout customer life-cycle by recording their interactions.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM by and large covers all the best practices of CRM, with the usual Microsoft bench mark of flexibility, familiarity and functionality. This evolving process is designed to assist in customer retention by compiling their information across different points of contact. This most proven business tool helps to manage company’s interaction with current and potential customers.

With a provision for a panoramic view of customer information offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, life becomes easy for the company to make an impact with their customers to address their needs or to resolve any pertinent issues.

Significantly, customer service modules from Microsoft Dynamics CRM sales, marketing and customer-service can be accessed from Outlook to make sales decision, market products and get strategic views of the business. Moreover, a centralized repository of customer data ensconced flanking Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook, will become vital applications for everyday use.

Outstanding customer experiences, growth through sales and marketing

It is the inherent forte of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that provides appropriate tools and desired resources for companies that choose to stay on the top by delivering an excellent customer experience to develop customer loyalty and trust in all the dealings. The solution helps sales, service and marketing teams to concentrate on effective customer relationship management without getting distracted by mundane tasks in any environment; be it in a hybrid, or in the cloud or on-premises. Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates with Adaa Cloud Solutions in order to enhance the value of the technologies.

What can CRM do for your Organizations? How does CRM be beneficial to your organization

CRM Solution organizes and astutely automates business processes. It further enables cost reductions and progressively increases profitability by maintaining good customer relationships across all interactions and dealings viz., marketing, sales and particularly after sales service. In short, CRM solutions focus on ROI through automating marketing and customer related activities.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Exceptionally delivering customer experiences

Empowering the marketing, sales and service teams to be highly productive across all channels and point of sale by creating customer loyalty and earn their resolute trust.

CRM for Customer Focus

Get better customer experience by empowering sales, marketing and services organizations.

Predictive Customer Engagement

Handle customer queries diligently expecting to respond appropriately by following up any potential prospects at the right time…best time.

Provide Reliable, Responsive Service Delivery

In order to attain company’s goals, organize and gear up the team, field service staff or sales staff, to be ever receptive to customer interaction for creating customer loyalty and trust.

Smart Multi-channel Marketing

In order to enhance brand value, plan and implement smart multi-channel marketing.

From a single central platform, execute marketing campaigns with a 360o wider outreach and ensure delivery of unified messaging experiences to extend the visibility of the brand.

Usage of Social Media Strategically

Social media plays a pivotal role in connecting customers. Respecting people’s sentiments, listen to their suggestions and criticisms about the business will go a long way in taking the business to a new high. Connect with customers through social media regularly to get their first hand views.

Dynamics CRM Dubai UAE

Is Microsoft Dynamics Right For Business?

Microsoft Dynamics facilitates companies to transform and take the businesses to the next vertical by equipping with motivation and gives the best shot. Ideally if the business has any of these requirements Dynamics comes to play if:

  • Have a strong desire to increase productivity or create robust and responsive processes.
  • Need to have single interface connectivity for multiple customer data sources.
  • Critical performance indicators that need to be attended and monitored round the clock.
  • Need for increasing client engagement in order to create more leads and generate more revenue.

Our customer relationship management (CRM) solution, Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes it possible for companies to market intelligently and effectively with dedicated passion.  With Microsoft solutions, you will be inclined to enhance productivity with social insights and business acumen, intelligently.

We guarantee this paradigm shift for improved business ethics. This takes shape through Adaa Cloud, which also provides Microsoft Cloud Solutions on-premises or hybrid deployment options for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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