Latest update on use of AI in boosting Sales

Artificial intelligence for Sales

The use of artificial intelligence has come a long way from just being a futuristic idea to the one tool that is used by business giants while SMBs are using CRM software for performing their business tasks. Hence there is a huge gap in using technology by the big players and the small-scale industries.

If we look at the results, most of the customers’ interactions will be digitized, means it will be without any human representative. This gives lots of opportunities for business owners to make use of Artificial intelligence to gather customer data from multiple channels.

What makes AI for sales sought after?

Businesses of all sizes and segments are striving towards collecting lots of customer data in order to better understand their customers’ needs, behavior, and expectations, which essentially boils down to driving sales.

When AI is integrated with the tools you use for you get the double benefits. Just like Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 AI for Sales! This makes AI real for your sales organization.

With AI in Dynamics 365 for Sales, you get additional insights into field sales and of sales representative. The engagements are improved with embedded insights that are quick to deploy and easy to act upon.

Here are the benefits of Dynamics 365 for Sales that enables smarter selling:

Focus on the right leads

You can increase conversion and win rates by helping sellers find and prioritize leads with the highest likelihood to buy based on a broader set of signals.

Connect with prospects

Collaborate and share the prospect details with your team. This offers an effective way for with Office 365 functionalities.

Keep track of relationships

The sellers can focus on high priority customers with signals from Dynamics 365, LinkedIn, and Office 365 that reveal relationship health and risks.

Personalize engagement

Sellers are empowered to engage in personalized & relevant interactions. Then based on the insights take notes and recommends the next actions to take with the customer.

Automate sales execution

You can increase sales productivity with contextual prompts. This functionality suggests you new records to create, such as contacts and activities, based on intelligence gleaned from notes entered by sellers.

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