It is not unusual for companies to face challenges on their manufacturing front; more so, when they follow conventional and cumbersome database systems. Modern Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP software salvage such challenges. One such system is presently the market leader and it is Microsoft Dynamics that strives to offer the required control for your business and the desired functionalities your products demand.

Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing Dubai UAE

Helps You Take Quick and Smart Decisions


The resourceful Microsoft Dynamics solutions comes in handy giving the right solutions for manufacturing firms to manage every aspect of their business including bid management, equipment & asset management, project management & control and strategic account management, etc. Solution provided by us can help you to streamline operations across various processes with a sharp focus on improving the quality of customer interactions among others. It helps you take quick and smart decisions and help to leverage the investment made in your existing Microsoft technology platform.

Users feel at home working on Microsoft Dynamics as if  it is the part of their routine work activities. Interestingly, Microsoft Dynamics is as familiar and easy to use as Outlook.

Why Use Microsoft Dynamics ?

  1. Involve Customer & Share Knowledge between Engineering, Production, Sales & Service Departments

Data from each of your manufacturing departments can be utilized by their colleagues.  An exponential increase in sales can be envisioned when your engineers analyze support incidents or your marketing team is able to segment by product configurations. Contributions and access of data from every department is one of the remarkable characteristics of Microsoft Dynamics.  This empowers employees in the boardroom, machine shop and even while interacting with customers.

  1. Connect Your Production, Configuration & Pricing Data with Customer Information

Your order gets better with Microsoft Dynamics in terms of accuracy and speed by generating the quotations from your database of customer specific configuration data. In effect it allows you to give your production and delivery schedules, besides the costs or even to accurately track commitments.

  1. Automate Internal & External Notifications to Upgrade Opportunities

For services processes like compliance, maintenance and for upgrading the prospects, get internal and external notifications automated. It would be in the fitness of business ethics for your customers to get alert notifications automatically when it’s time to re-order or time for maintenance. This gives the desired boost and benefit of increasing the resale value of your products. It also benefits to maintain and retain cordial relationship with your customers. Microsoft Dynamics ultra-query table lists and relationship insights revolutionizes your customer relationship.

  1. Manage ANY Kind of Relationship

Microsoft Dynamics can be easily customized as required and you can configure it to manage relationships with any stakeholders.

  1. The Ability to Analyze Your Channel & Vendor Data

Dynamics solution enables you to see, among your many distributors, which one of them is driving your business by analyzing sales that are linked to that vendor.  This further empowers you to take smart decision to review your partnership contracts during the time of renewing it and quite likely, to turn your vendors to become your partners.

  1. Meet Specific Customer Expectations

While you’re manufacturing customers expect the moon to have every small detail of their specific terms on hand, but practically these relationships could be business-specific and quite complex. Thanks to the advent of Microsoft Dynamics which can be customized to ensure that you don’t need to ever consult another system to get this information.

CRM Software for Manufacturing Dubai UAE

  1. Relax & Watch Your Customer Data Flow In

If you want to get the benefit out of CRM and ERP, your data needs to be comprehensive. Keeping records accurate might involve a great deal of work, but it is not so. Microsoft Dynamics offers Manufacturing clients to have an access to the fully automated CRM and ERP, with a differentiating add-on that takes care of all of the work out of routine contact and task entry.

  1. Maximize Your Existing IT Investments

If you are already using one of the Microsoft product lines then Microsoft Dynamics is designed to integrate into any Microsoft’s flagship range, including manufacturing-ready solutions like Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX, as well as Microsoft Office 365.

  1. Drive New Business through Cross-Selling Activities & Leveraging Existing Relationships

The fully automated Microsoft Dynamics analyzes the relationships within your firm to enable you to get good and receptive introductions to the people you need to meet to get the deal closed.

  1. More Satisfaction Guaranteed At a Less Price

You will be surprised to note that comparatively Microsoft Dynamics delivers the highest combination of functionality, in addition to direction, satisfaction and that too at a lower cost.

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