Improvement in customer service which is indispensable with efficiency, integrated world-class comfort and amenities in any industry is a broad spectrum of hospitality and Microsoft Dynamics solution does exactly that.  It enables companies to get opinions and suggestions from customers about their experience of services offered at, for example; restaurants, hospitals, public transportation or any customer service oriented offices.  Be it food quality or ambience in a restaurant or any eating house.  With powerful analytics and evaluating features it provides a quick way to track issues and complaints in a centralized location for F & B companies.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software for Hospitality Dubai UAE

The solution features are as follows:

  • Customer Management:

A unified method to track all activities like attending phone calls, appointments, service related complains and other tasks from a centralized place.

  • Digital Comment Card:

Computerizes categorized data of feed backs about customers’ experience/opinions/appreciations and forwards to the concerned departments for improvement, if needed.

  • Case & Feedback Management:

Sort and classify incidents related to internal or external source pertaining to customer feedback (suggestions & complaints) Forward the case through the proper channel of protocol to the required user and close after taking action, improvements or otherwise.

  • Digital Inspection Management:

It covers all inspections through a general survey portal, like internal Audit inspections, quality and food safety inspections, mystery shopper visits at departmental stores, surprise walk-in inspections conducted at restaurants or dining place while delivering and dining. All these activities could be accessed from devices like laptop/PAD.

  • Marketing Management:

Create events, campaigns, and mass emails or SMS to specific targets in customer lists. It enables campaign tasks and activities by monitoring estimated costs vis-à-vis actual and also with powerful analytical evaluations.

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