Empowering better patient health with Microsoft Dynamics

Today health organizations are looking for different and effective ways to improve patients’ health along the whole wellness continuum beyond just periodic care, as healthcare proceeds from fee-for-service payment models to value-based care resourcefulness. The health organizations want to involve their patients in taking better care of themselves proactively. However, to make it happen they need to enable their staff and connections across the health ecosystem to deliver consistent quality services.

Microsoft Dynamics for Healthcare Dubai UAE

Organizations need ways to manage care outdoors beyond the four walls of the health facility, whether it is improving population health through targeted outreach programs or by coordinating services with community resources or by providing virtual office visits. Generally, EMRs (Electronic Medical Records) are significant at most of the things, however, many healthcare organizations are realizing the need for more robust system than EMR, with more advance features and capabilities. Healthcares are in need of more agile tools that enable a more extensive approach to patient care.  They want solutions that bridge the gap between the EMR and other various systems to connect processes, people and information, across the care continuum.

Take control of work processes and streamline the resources to make individuals and communities around to become healthier.

Keeping track of who is responsible for which aspects of care and give your care teams a centralized access to the patient’s information and health issues, as well as automating care workflow and notifications.

With Microsoft Dynamics
tools ameliorate patient care

Earlier other industries use to have CRM solutions for years to provide 360-degree customer services. But now with the help of Microsoft Dynamics, health organizations can equip their professional staff and patients with familiar, flexible tools that proficiently work hand in hand with an EMR (Electronic Medical Records).  Now they can use modern CRM and ERP capabilities to streamline care coordination, improve patient experiences, and proactively engage their communities.

CRM Software for Healthcare Dubai UAE

Get a complete 360 view of a patient

Microsoft Dynamics enables health professionals to get a complete view of a patient. They can easily access all the patient activities and interactions across all the departments, providers and even organizations. It empowers providers to quickly address their patient’s needs and enables them to disperse care team members to cohesively coordinate services and minimize duplicate efforts. As a result, the care quality rise up, outcomes improve, and the patients have a better experience along their health expedition.

Proactively engage community to improve population health

Numerous health organizations are looking forward to proactively engage their community and improve population health rather than only seeing them when they’re experiencing any symptoms or health problems. Microsoft Dynamics helps organizations to successfully implement awareness efforts and outreach targeted campaigns. Suppose, organizations wants to run health and awareness campaigns, with the help of  Microsoft Dynamics the professionals use automated tools send a powerful sensational newsletter to enroll diabetes patients for fighting diabetes or smokers for quit smoking in online programs to help patients in managing their conditions or invite citizens to a free exercise and nutrition seminar or a program.

Conduct Virtual office visits

Health professionals can also conduct virtual office visits through Microsoft Dynamics tools and can monitor at-home patients’ medical device readings, such as blood pressure, blood glucose etc. If their readings are out of range, patient’s care team can receive reading alerts and in case of emergency they can intervene at the earliest and engage patient proactively.

All of these are just very few examples of the many ways that Microsoft Dynamics solutions can help health organizations to foster patient-centered care and spirited engagement. We are breathing in a world full of technologies and innovations; it’s an exciting time for the world of healthcare more than ever. Latest technology had opened numerous doors of opportunities for health organizations to improve the wellness of the people; they serve along the entire health continuum.

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