Distribution business is very challenging and dynamic, if you don’t operate at 100%, you can’t provide better services to your clients compare to other competitors. Microsoft Dynamics is one of the most versatile and vigorous solutions for distribution companies, backed by the one of the most multifaceted in-depth CRM and ERP solutions providers. It is well integrated with Microsoft product line and targeted towards improving the performance of your distribution company at all levels. With help of Microsoft Dynamics you will be able to better accelerate your operations, enhancing the reliability of your customer support and services.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software for Distribution Dubai UAE


Microsoft Dynamics is specially designed to streamline your administrative operations business and improve the efficiency of your business process. You can get easily connected with your potential customers more effectively, meet their requirements faster and can keep the proper record of each and every interaction. Through Microsoft Dynamics client retention and acquisition can be managed properly, as it offers analytics, lead scoring and marketing functionality.


One of the biggest and consequential advantages to Microsoft Dynamics is that it can be customized and tailored according to the specific needs of any business including distribution industry. Distribution field generally emphasis logistics and supply chain management, however, Dynamics solutions can be adjusted to tend these business elements more competent. Often this customization can be done without any complicated coding, as it can be modified with a simple click. Modules such as service calendars, various forms, entity view etc. can be altered based on the requirement.


In distribution industry you frequently find yourself on the move. Whether you are on the field or in the warehouse you need to check customer requests or the inventory, for these you need prefect CRM and ERP software that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Microsoft Dynamics is fully responsive to mobile platform with advance Microsoft windows applications across multiple platforms. It includes everything from tracking expenses, time-sheets, approvals and lot more.


Microsoft Dynamics for Distribution offers a complete suite of high quality agile CRM and ERP solution needed to support all the needs of the customers in the distribution industry, ranging from supporting demand planning, fetching global overview of supply chain management and inventory, optimizing purchase to pay and banking process. Streamlining container management and landing costs. Also attain perfect order entries, pricing and real time customer info.

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