Microsoft Dynamics for Real Estate

Real Estate business has taken rapid strides during the past decade and so is the need to deliver real value. ADAA Real Estate CRM solution enables Real Estate companies to organize, manage and automate follow-ups and close faster deals more efficiently.

Here’s a quick overview on its features:

Track Leads from different sources and check which marketing campaigns are generating quality leads.

Track tasks, follow ups and emails and sync them directly to your outlook or assign them to other users for follow up.

Qualify and Disqualify leads and track which leads are sitting there without any follow-ups.

Track all your properties and property units in one centralized database along with all the communication with customers which includes contracts, installments (dues and paid) and receipts.

The system will generate a customer’s Statement of account in a press of a button.

Ability to segment the customer data and send mass emails and SMS in a click of a button notifying existing customers and leads about a special offer in a specific project or a specific region… Read more

Microsoft Dynamics for Hospitality

Improvement in customer service which is indispensable with efficiency, integrated world-class comfort and amenities in any industry is a broad spectrum of hospitality and Microsoft Dynamics
Hospitality solution does exactly that.

It enables companies to get opinions and suggestions from customers about their experience of services offered at, for example; restaurants, hospitals, public transportation or any customer service oriented offices.

Be it food quality or ambience in a restaurant or any eating house.  With powerful analytics and evaluating features it provides a quick way to track issues and complaints in a centralized location for F & B companies.

The solution features are as follows:

  • Customer Management:

A unified method to track all activities like attending phone calls, appointments, service related complains and other tasks from a centralized place.

  • Digital Comment Card:

Computerizes categorized data of feed backs about customers’ experience/opinions/appreciations and forwards to the concerned departments for improvement, if needed.

  • Case & Feedback Management:

Sort and classify incidents related to internal or external source pertaining to customer feedback (suggestions & complaints) Forward the case through the proper channel of protocol to the required user and close after taking action, improvements or otherwise… Read more

Microsoft Dynamics for Public Sector

Today people are demanding more convenient and faster service, public sector face growing demands to provide broadened, highest quality services, in order to get improved outcomes to safeguard continues funding.

No matter whether you are a government agency or a government office, the people you serve require greater accountability and efficiency.

From managing cases to increasing operational requirements, you need to struggle with various factors with compressed budget and systems that does not help to do better.

Makes Life Simple

Not only commercial organizations but also government organizations in its various departments seek the assistance of the cost-effective Microsoft Dynamics.

Be it government administration, defense, public safety, public services, justice, health and human services Microsoft Dynamics for Public Sector makes life simple.

Backed with latest technologies it can proficiently handle citizen services, financial administration, grants management, case management, permitting, licensing and scores of other allied governmental services… Read more

Microsoft Dynamics for Service Industry

Change the Way You Interact Clients

Today’s service industry is steadily changing digitally, the way you interact clients and other service firms is also changing accordingly. Expectations of the client mold based on the frequent experiences…

With Microsoft Dynamics at its center, a service organization can modernize its workplace, provide efficient client service, manage a distributed talent pool, and maximize profitability—all with a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and rapid time to value.

Microsoft Dynamics lets you choose from cloud or on-premises deployment, with the option to migrate from one deployment model to another, as business needs change:

  • Deployment

Choose cloud or on-premises implementation, using the same architecture and code-base.

  • Access

Access many features through web browsers, mobile devices, and Office applications.

  • Pricing

Explore models that are simple, flexible, and focused on the needs of individual roles in your company… Read more

Microsoft Dynamics for Distribution


Distribution business is very challenging and dynamic, if you don’t operate at 100%, you can’t provide better services to your clients compare to other competitors.

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the most versatile and vigorous solutions for distribution companies, backed by the one of the most multifaceted in-depth CRM and ERP solutions providers.

It is well integrated with Microsoft product line and targeted towards improving the performance of your distribution company at all levels.

With help of Microsoft Dynamics you will be able to better accelerate your operations, enhancing the reliability of your customer support and services.

From One Place to Another

For distributors, operational effectiveness is a must, but simply being effective is not enough. No longer is the business just a process of moving product from one place to another.

Effective Inventory Control

The complexities increase on an almost daily basis, how to have effective inventory control, manage changing regulations and how to do this using technology as a differentiation.

Visibility and Management of Trade

The ability to focus on profit and value creation is the difference between success and failure, solutions that provide revenue management, visibility and management of trade promotions and rebates are no longer optional… Read more

Microsoft Dynamics for Health Care

Health needs are infinite, but your resources to cope are finite.

In today’s economic conditions, delivering cost-effective high quality care is a tough task to manage.

The key to do so efficiently is to streamline the process, eradicate inefficiencies, intensify productivity and improvise the way of decision making and responding…

With Microsoft Dynamics solutions including Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure one can enable digital transformation, helping you for better patient engagements, empower your care teams, optimize your operational effectiveness and transform the care continuum for your organization.

Take control of work processes and streamline the resources to make individuals and communities around to become healthier.

Keeping track of who is responsible for which aspects of care and give your care teams a centralized access to the patient’s information and health issues, as well as automating care workflow and notifications… Read more

Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing

It is not unusual for companies to face challenges on their manufacturing front; more so, when they follow conventional and cumbersome database systems. Modern Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP software salvage such challenges. One such system is presently the market leader and it is Microsoft Dynamics that strives to offer the required control for your business and the desired functionalities your products demand.

Helps You Take Quick and Smart Decisions

The resourceful Microsoft Dynamics solutions comes in handy giving the right solutions for manufacturing firms to manage every aspect of their business including bid management, equipment & asset management, project management & control and strategic account management, etc. Solution provided by us can help you to streamline operations across various processes with a sharp focus on improving the quality of customer interactions among others. It helps you take quick and smart decisions and help to leverage the investment made in your existing Microsoft technology platform… Read more

Microsoft Dynamics for Retail

It is a modern and unified retail solution that cares to reduce complexity for retailers in their activities.

It allows them to focus on connecting with customers and empowering their employees across all channels.

It sanctions organizations to deliver a complete shopping experience – personal, seamless and differentiated – by offering a unified view of the business.

Complete Transparency across the Entire Business

Microsoft Dynamics provides customer engagement capabilities covering store operations, business intelligence, channel management, order management, marketing and customer care.

It also smartly covers important aspects of back office capabilities like procurement and financials in an end-to-end solution with complete transparency across the entire business operation even while empowering users… Read more

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