How to Get Around in the Analytics Area Social Engagement Dynamics 365

As you sign in to Social Engagement you will see the Analytics area.  This pattern is followed in most cases.  But by default, you are looking at a data set containing all posts where all search topics are bunched together in the specified time frame.

The following structures are shared by all pages in the Analytics area:

Analysis Focus: After defining the data which your current analysis focuses on select a search topic, or any category of search topics or all search topics together. You can even switch between the different alternatives at any time to narrow or could even extend your data set.  Go ahead and try.

  • Filter Section: In filter section you can edit filters to slice your data set as per your needs and requirements. You can see the filters at a glance that are applied to your current dataset. Editing or removing them thereafter is not difficult; this process can be done quickly.
  • More Options: This option allows you the use of current filters to work with the same data set in another area of Social Engagement.
  • Time Frame: Here you can select the dates for which you want to analyze your data. You can even predefine the value or customize the date.
  • Data Summary: See the number of posts and the trend of your current dataset.
  • Page Navigation: Navigate your way seamlessly and move between the different pages of the Analytics area. Each page provides a more detailed view of important aspects of your data.
    • Overview: Glance what’s happening in your selected data set before you develop and browse into more details of pages.
    • Conversations: Look out for phrases that are actually the motivating force for the social conversations in your data set. See more detailed analysis about trending phrases, and get into the posts that mention them.
    • Sentiment: Observe the public perception of the posts toward a search topic. Look out for phrases that get mentioned in a positive or negative context and track your sentiment index over time.
    • Location: Access insights about the geographical location of authors and posts, and find out about where social conversations are most active.
    • Sources: Try to find the source(s) that are used often in your data set. Check detailed analysis, and drill down into the details of source-specific analysis.
  • Dynamic widgets: This page contains widgets that display only when certain criteria are present. For example, a map on the Location Insightswidget shows posts and location data when selected appropriate filters. The widgets may refresh with the updated data when you change your data set by editing filters or changing the analysis focus.  It may even disappear if the display conditions are not feasible, technically or may appear if the display conditions apply.
  • Static widgets: The widgets in this area of the page are always present. The widgets refresh with the updated data when you change your data set by editing filters or changing the analysis focus.
  • Post list: Expand this area to see the most recent posts that match your current data set. Update your dataset or your time frame, or load more posts to delve and understand the contents. You may even take action and engage yourself with your audience directly from within the application.
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