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SharePoint has become an important aspect of business when collaboration among teams is considered. It is estimated that 80% of global companies prefer Microsoft’s collaborative platform. Above all the Middle East region SharePoint has acquired more popularity with Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

So when you are planning to switch to SharePoint, or looking to upgrade your existing one, then you will most certainly need expert help. As a leading Microsoft SharePoint Consultancy Dubai, AdaaCloud help organizations to streamline operations and accelerate the process with Office 365 & SharePoint Online. But the question arises how would you choose right SharePoint Consultancy in Dubai? Here are a few things that are to be considered before choosing one.

  1. In-depth experience

An experienced company in SharePoint implementation & development can do miracles for your business. Depending on what kind of SharePoint solution you want, always go for a SharePoint consultant who is experienced to offer customized platform as per your business need.

  1. Knowledge of third party integration

What happens if your applications need to be integrated under SharePoint? Having a third-party tool in your existing SharePoint system will help you in achieving better workflows. A SharePoint deployment requires a lot of skills that meld people with technology.

  1. After implementation support

Make sure you ask the Microsoft consultant about a plan of after implementation of SharePoint. As new workflows with SharePoint takes time to understand, sticking through the end helps adopters gain confidence in working with the software.

  1. Look for a collaborative setting

An experienced SharePoint consultant carries out through assessment. You must always prefer for consultants that asks you lots of questions to understand your organization and internal process. This helps in gaining deeper insights of your company for better collaboration.

Summing up! Working with SharePoint ensures long term success and getting a right partner during this process makes all the difference.


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