Dynamics AX vs. Dynamics 365: An Overview

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Commerce has progressively evolved from the traditional barter system to online business.  If you are planning on leading your organization efficiently and resourcefully for a wider outreach in the market, Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 are the ultimate solutions.  Perhaps, you would not have come across better solutions that are resourceful and effective for your business. Both these multipurpose tools are capable of managing the operations; manufacturing, HR, finance, distribution and also retail etc.

Generally, companies that use Dynamics AX, toy with the idea to upgrade to Dynamics 365 due to its new features.  Among them is the cloud-based functionality and improved scalability are significant. To top that, Microsoft has already announced to wind-up its support for AX based systems in future; organizations will have to brace themselves for challenges of a business software upgrade constitutes.

A World of Difference

Microsoft Dynamics AX software under the umbrella of D365 functions as a cloud-and-web-based solution is primarily a desktop-based application that uses the certain web and mobile add-on components.  In other words, by using any device with an internet connection, Dynamics 365 can be deployed anywhere without any encumbrance of having to deal with physical bits of infrastructure or server rooms dedicated to the system.

The fundamental point of distinction between AX and D365 is the level of integration between software components like ERP and CRM solutions that are used separately within AX. On the other hand, Dynamics 365 enables a seamless transition between the two, thereby saving time and energy. This adds up to the overall level of software integration. Office 365 and Power BI are now also part of a unified integrated system in D365.

Needless to mention, Dynamics 365 offers a flexible licensing configuration that enables users the choice of customizing the features; in other words, they pay for what they use.

Using an on-premise version of Dynamics 365

As stated above, Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based infrastructure. Let us check the possibility of installing it offline. Well, it is quite possible through the hickup is certain features are not available to on-premise users. Some items, offline users of Dynamics 365 find missing:

  • Azure cognitive services
  • Automatic updates
  • Customer insights
  • Data export
  • Microsoft Office/SharePoint/Delve integration
  • Field service
  • Online backup and restore
  • Threat management
  • Power BI integration

Objectives of Dynamics 365

  • Improved & Sleek interface

The main objective of Dynamics 365 is user experience and their satisfaction it offers to them with the visually pleasing interface design that can find appropriate utility. Provision of editing the homepage and color-scheme is now easy with Dynamics 365; AX does not have these features.

  • Regular updates

Another feather in Dynamics  365 cap is real-time updates where users can get an opportunity to get new versions of software as they get launched by Microsoft’s developers. Consequently, the cumbersome jobs of fixing bugs and patching up issues seem primitive with Dynamics 365.

  • LinkedIn integration

One more feature of Dynamics 365 worth mentioning is its capability of importing information from an employee’s LinkedIn page, making HR department’s job easier in organizing company files, relevant records, and data. Thanks to its cloud-based infrastructure, that enables automatic data synchronization across all platforms.

  • Power BI Enhanced

Backed by a strong Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, the new Power BI is now much faster, robust and capable of producing customizable data charts and reports as it seems to understand the needs of the user.

  • Need to switch

In order to make our lives compatible as per technological advancement since every phase of our lives has inevitably got into digital technology, strategic thinking is imperative to ensure organizations are future-ready.

Complex and intertwined software systems, machine communication and smart devices, besides building or even manufacturing processes are swiftly moving to new heights operations, particularly productivity, thus changing the whole concept of economic and commerce.

The cloud-based Dynamics 365 is a solution that is built with the above concepts in mind. It is a highly intuitive and practical tool that integrates trailblazing features into a unified powerful network making it easy to navigate, control and convenience to use. Particularly, it builds upon the numerous capabilities of Dynamics AX, efficiently enabling its user’s gateways to interconnectivity.

Actually, AX is a robust system with volumes answers; it could not have predicted the rapid technological advancements of modern times. This is exactly where the dexterity and capability of Dynamics 365 demonstrate its indispensable qualities for many organizations.

We are sure you will be curious and interested to learn more about Dynamics 365’s advantages over AX. Contact us without hesitation.


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