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Grow Big With Business

Take rapid stride in doing business.  The complete ERP tools in Dynamics 365 for operations aid in scaling to a different level, globally backed by digital intelligence that helps you grow at your pace, of course. We take pride that Microsoft technology runs our business. The Renault Sport Formula One team had our complete technical support, right from design to backbone infrastructure on the race track. It was a grand success and the winner is Dynamics 365 undoubtedly!

Dynamics 365 for Operations Dubai UAE



Smart Working with Connected Operations


Rising expectations prompts to seek prominence across customer service, sales, connected distribution and marketing systems. In order to get a perfect pedestal for your products or processes seek the support of Dynamics 365 for Operations that delivers this ERP system continuity.


  • Make production floor management simple and easy
  • Hasten product introductions
  • Give easy delivery options



In pursuit of exceptional customer experiences

Ensure that your sales personnel are adept and well informed about the product and process to immediately provide personalized service at POS viz., social media, mobile sites, stores etc. You can also trust on Dynamics 365 for Operations for:

  • Superlative customer experience and satisfaction
  • Smooth movement of products from procurement to sale.
  • Effective merchandising.


Let Your Business Progress Rapidly

Dynamics 365 for Operations provide real time information of all numbers and data analytics. The cloud-based Microsoft ERP system gives relevant information that is essential to deliver strategic, data-driven fascinating perceptions to key departments.  It helps you:

  • Immediately achieve unattainable accuracy of finance department.
  • Drive corporate strategy and growth.
  • Reduce debt and expenditure through efficient collection management.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations Dubai UAE


Powerful ERP tools

Collate and scrutinize real-time information on almost any device 24×7. Dynamics 365 for Operations further simplifies and business process gains momentum for the better. Easy global outreach as it is based in the cloud integrating and fine tuning well with legacy system. So your organization:

  • Facilitates rapid business transformation
  • IT needs of the business is cost-effectively supported.
  • Develops and grows at a designated pace.


In order to reduce operational costs automating the warehouse process is imperative.

Microsoft ERP comes faithfully handy to warehouse managers in terms of optimal control of put-away, quality-control and picking or packing for delivery operations. For the changing business needs a flexible workflow engine responds accurately.


A global transportation planning and freight reconciliation process precisely fits for manufacturing, distribution and retail companies.  Moreover, it assists in providing a viable customer experience. By virtue of a user configurable rating structure which works well for business and IT leaders gain visibility.

Budget Planning

Easy to use tools are always welcome to make budgeting simple. While a wizard helps them create budget plan worksheet templates for Microsoft Excel, further at review or approval time they tend to automatically route their budget plans with appropriate worksheets, justifications and attachments, wherever necessary.

POS System

Personalized customer service is a demanding trend. Thus your sales associates or sales personnel must be equipped with necessary tools and inputs to cater to customer queries.  Bank on this enterprise resource planning software to deliver rich client oriented real-time inventory back up. Trust this software for offering back-office capabilities and consolidated purchase data information at the right time, efficiently.

Demand Forecasting

Accuracy in creating demand forecasts for improving your products’ availability to minimize your inventory costs is essential. Microsoft Excel visualizations and Dynamics 365 for Operations models forecasting is a trustworthy proposition anytime.  The tool uses Microsoft SQL Server forecasting algorithms.

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