Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Skillfully Handle Service Call

With Dynamics 365 for Field Service, service calls could be turned to a strategic advantage. From optimized scheduling to predictive and preventive maintenance that the teams need are offered.

Acquire Super-charged scheduling

  • Manage several appointments in a day – to make the most of your employee workloads, mileage and even more with optimized scheduling tools which works superbly well.
  • Improve first-time fix rates by dispatching the appropriate technician.
  • As new work orders pour in, resources can be quickly reallocated.
  • Visualizations and proper road maps for easy dispatching.

Equip Mobile Workforce

To offer great field service and to make technicians productive, give them what they need in terms of native mobile apps for iOS, Windows and Android.

  • Real-time customer information and guidance could be provided.
  • Equip technicians to use barcode, RFID and credit card readers while on the field.
  • A futuristic step – remotely process work orders with signature, digitally.

Predictive Services Generate Profit

Take a step forward from a conventional break-fix repair model to a viable, sure shot service model with built-in data collection, analysis and alerts.

  • Microsoft Azure IoT Hub administrators connect any asset easily; also maintains and updates remotely.
  • Get predictive maintenance and monitoring remotely.
  • Technicians’ visit could be minimized by fixing corrections remotely.

Start with Smarter Field Service Capabilities

Effectively Execute Scheduling

Make available appropriate tools to aide your team schedule appointments and dispatch the right means. Field Service comprises tools for service representatives and dispatchers – plus an automated tool to properly schedule and accommodate optimal appointments in a day.

Service Agreements

Expect a trouble free all service agreements, together with recurring service calls and contracts. Also look forward to the simple and trouble free installed products and warranties across a cross section of customers and locations.  The field service management tools help improve service delivery and facilitate revenue generation.

Inventory Management

Provide and equip your field personnel everything to manage inventory across different locations, warehouses, depots including trucks.  Only a real-time updates would ensure that the inventory is accurate; so you can efficiently track your service stock, create better forecasts and reduce write-offs.

Productivity through Mobile

By providing native mobile applications with real-time online and offline data the productivity of your technicians improve considerably.  In this way not only your technicians on the field are happy with the required customer information and guidance but also the administrators at the office could centrally manage all users, no matter which device the technicians use.

Devices Connected

The visits of the field personnel can be restricted only when needed which in turn lowers the costs. Not only the field service management tools help your team detect troubleshoots but also resolves the issues in remote mood. Moreover, even before the customers could come to know about the problems, they are sorted out; thanks to the connected devices in the field.

Customer Communications

Involve and engage your customers at the centre of every interaction.  You could give them a complete view of their cases using the customer portal, with the advantage of interoperability with Glympse and Twilio APIs.  Even you could update them with a live map and photo of their technician enroute and by phone call or text message.

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