Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Customers For Eternity

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service amalgamates the way people experience business be it peer-to-peer service, across self-service and even assisted service; they are uniquely offered with a world-class customer service that leads to loyalty and dedication.

Continuing Loyalty

Ready to provide seamless information service to customers even if it means meeting them anywhere and at all times.

  • It is necessary in today’s time to provide immensely good service to the customers as per their choice.
  • A relevant personalized service will make customers endearing towards your business.
  • Try to tap social sentiments of customer and proactively address issues their issues in tune with their intentions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Dubai UAE

 Job Made Easy And Simple For Agents

By providing complete information to agents in a software app module capsule with exhaustive details in order to make rapid decisions and great service, is the forte of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • Customers’ details like case histories, preferences and feedback can be provided.
  • Pass on service-level agreements or guidance on entitlements.
  • Conveniently display it all in a single interface according to their job and skill.

Adaptive Engine

Agility to respond quickly to customer queries even if the market is volatile, the cloud-based environment with built-in digital intelligence works wonders

  • The configuration, not code can be easily customized and adapted.
  • Single interface can extend functionality.
  • A trusted cloud platform and an advanced analytics could be relied upon.

Uniform Reliability & Omni-Channel Commitment

Generously give away the required amount of inputs to your agents in order to serve the customer anytime on any channel.  While Customer Service offers a unified platform that necessitates the availability of information across engagements — your agent is ready to provide to your customers the service that are not only consistent but also personalized… and that is what the customers need.

Self-Service & Peer-to-Peer Service To Customers

One more added service to the customer is to make provision for them to find answers on their own.  Along with Customer Service, a self-service portal as an add-on, a searchable knowledge base and an online community platform with social groups respond would be a worthwhile proposition.  As the system goes live, continue to provide seamless support as and when needed to avoid customer displeasure.

Single User Interface – A Unified Experience

A centralized service trouble shooting interactions could be controlled on the PC or mobile device of agents. This would be ideal in terms of time-savings in attending to complain/service calls. Customer Service software is multi-talented unlike other help-desk software that offers a single view into all information like scripting, entitlements and recommendations — this helps agents to provide personalized service in a jiffy.

A Searchable Knowledge Trove 

Queries raised by agents and customers need to be attended instantly.  The knowledge base provides consistent and appropriate answers across channels in order to satisfy customer quest. Updating periodically makes the responses pertinent and current.  This helps to do an analytic in-depth evaluation of the impact of the customer reactions.

Built-in Digital Intelligence

By using the data analytics in Customer Service, you move to a predictive and analytical service. It is a way of providing interactive dashboards and data visualizations to help pull insights from metrics, making it easier to identify trends and foresee prospects.

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