Dropbox for Business

It is a highly secured file storage and sharing solution mostly loved by employees and trusted by I.T admin.

Drop Box for Business Dubai UAE

Sync, Collaborate and Share Securely

With its special design take teamwork to the next level as it provides plenty of space for collaboration and sharing, highly advanced security features, well experienced experts for dedicated live support. It helps your company grow consistently without any limits, while you can maintain complete control over the user activity as well as on all the important company information.

Enterprise Compatible Controls and High End Performance

Over 500 million users loved the Dropbox experience with powerful collaboration and access to important files anytime anywhere. It provides best in class administration and substantial security features that keep your company’s data safe, where it belongs. Dropbox Paper is an easy, robust way to share, create and keep your team synchronized, with the added benefit of admin controls to protect your business.

Reliable, Safe and Secured

World’s top organizations trust us to meet their compliance, privacy and security needs. You can access all your stored important files across all your devices. Files stored in your Dropbox folder stay updated on every device that you link to your account. Suppose you save something on your laptop, it automatically syncs to your desktop computer, as well as to your mobile devices. No matter which OS your device belongs whether it is iOS, Android, Windows, or Blackberry  Dropbox is compatible with all the major platforms.


Sharing & Storage Solution Dubai UAE

Smart Sync for Flexible Storage

Dropbox offers Smart Sync feature that enables you to see all your team folders and files right from your desktop. You don’t need worry any more about local hard disk constraints, as your data is store on the cloud server and they take up no space on your hard disk until you need them. You’ll still see them on your desktop even after storing them on cloud.


Access Everything in One Place

Just by connecting your work and personal Dropbox accounts, you can keep your official and private personal files in their own different spaces. All the sensitive company information will be stored separately from your personal files. You can easily access everything in one place anytime, anywhere without switching your logins.


Version History and Deletion Recovery

We back up all your important files, protect them with version history and deletion recovery up to 120 days. You can easily get old versions or deleted files back by your own and it doesn’t even need help from the IT expert or team.

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