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What is Digital menu?

A tablet waiter for cafés and restaurant.

From café to dine-in restaurants, digital menu brings unique experience in order placement process. Provide a wonderful dining experience to your customer with Digital menu for restaurants.

Whether yours is a café or dine-in restaurant, Digital menu for restaurant brings unique experience in order placement process. From mobile to tablets in restaurant, you can procure order for pick up or dine-in.  The goal of the software is to cater as many guests during the busy hours.

What’s the recipe? 

Guests use tablet for placing the order. The interactive app of Digital menu gives modern order placing experience to the user. The placed order by the guests is then forwarded to front desk and the kitchen. Your guests get live status of their meal prepared. Order once ready is served to guests when you delightfully update the status of order as “served”!

Features of the Digital menu for restaurant app

  1. Interactive menu

Includes high quality of menu images, pricing and options.Digital Restaurant Menu

  1. Easy ordering process

Clean & clear user interface from order placing to serving

  1. Live updates on orders

View orders status in real time on online dashboard

  1. Works Offline

Scroll & browse through mouthwatering menus of food & drinks

  1. Guests feedback

Interpret & expand customer outreach

  1. Multiplatform app

Flexibility to run on iOS and Android

Benefits of Digital menu for restaurant

Brings hospitality industry a feature rich software experience

  1. Adapt new trend

The modern approach for order placing conducts the business operations in simple way. You attend the guests quickly, accelerate the process of ordering and accommodate more guests.

  1. Order inventory tracker

With live updates on each order status and accurate order counts, you better manage stock levels. This helps in eliminating waste and easily understands your supply usage.

  1. Get guest feedback

This unique feature increases customer outreach by getting feedback of every guest. You get to understand a restaurant’s productivity and efficiency in delivering quality service to its customers.

What you get:

  1. Easy set up without any extra cost
  2. Live presentation
  3. 24*7 software support
  4. 30 days free trial offer*



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