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Report in real-time

All along you thought premium feedback could be obtained by Mystery Shop. Adaa Cloud’s Digital Comment Card can possibly generate unlimited and real-time data from actual prospective customers, existing customers and employees that too rapidly!

Real-Time Customer Feedback

A customer can fill out digital comment cards at any point during the shopping experience process through the Adaa Cloud’s Digital Comment Card feedback system. Apart from customers’ compliments, testimonials, comments, ratings even their bouquets and brickbats are fed at real-time to management.

This system makes things easier for managers to quickly ascertain guest satisfaction or resolve issues as the case may be and even request prospects making positive comments, to leave their testimonials, comments, reviews on popular sites such as Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp etc.,

Well-timed & Worthwhile Report

Customer feedback and all the comments are just a click away and are available in Adaa Cloud’s Digital Comment Card, making it easy for the mangers to view comments and get detailed ratings of customer satisfaction. These are determined by the daily, weekly and monthly email digest report.  At a micro level the report options also provide insight into trends over time.

A step further the management can filter and dig into details, feedback by date, collection source and by sentiment.


  • Resolve superficial and concealed issues and reply in real-time.
  • Let the customers understand you care. Cling on to them with your goodwill and ranking.
  • As far as possible, improve online ratings by preventing negative reviews or feedbacks.
  • Set aside some money by determining ways and means for improvements to operations.
  • Discern your customers’ likes and dislikes
  • Follow the right locations that are providing the best and optimal service

Still Using Paper Cards?

It is time high time to introduce your customer feedback program into the digital age. Get into the bandwagon and raise your bar – start using Digital Comment Card right away.


Resolve concern quicker… Happier Customers

Dump, jettison and discard those old static paper comment cards those seem eye sore anyway; and replace with trendy dynamic iPad kiosk.  Thanks to Adaa Cloud where collecting feedback from your customers is a breeze thereby increasing engagements and builds rapport with customers.

Finding out ways and means to improve your online reputation and ranking? This is possible with the help of Digital Comment Card. Positive customer feedback can be easily featured as testimonials on your website.  It raises your ranking.

Formerly, customers took a long time to mail a survey and submit feedback.  You can now resolve any issues of customers before they even leave your business premise. Digital Comment Card is a little genie that works very effectively and with intelligence. It gives you instant feedback from your customers and the waiting time is totally eliminated.

Karl Pearson the English Mathematician once famously said: “That which is measured improves.  That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.” Digital Comment Card took this comment rather seriously and it works that way making it easy to measure and report customer satisfaction thereby leading to increase in profitability.

Digital Comment Card for Hotels & Hospitality

Digital Comment Card is interactive, digitally designed and dynamic enough to get grievances attended in real time by the hotel management while their guests are still in the hotel.  With Digital Comment Card in place, it maintains confidentiality of guest (complainant).  As the customers/guest bypass the awkwardness of complaining face-to-face, or the confusion of whom to address and where to send the feedback. This real-time personal engagement between hotels and guest ambiguity, the complaints are resolved onsite instantly.  This leads to happier guest (read loyal guest/customer) of course. Printed guest comment templates are thing of the past.

Digital Comment Card for Retail Business

Valuable insights on upcoming trending demands, styles or preferences and other valid suggestions by customers are welcome to improve the business.  Customers also suggest what additional products they would like to keep as inventory. Digital Comment Card allows customers to share their valuable opinions and suggestions while they are still onsite doing the purchases. The compliments and comments sent on real-time go a long way in helping the management to improve future business. The positive comments of customers may even get published on their website as a testimony.

Digital Comment Card for Restaurants

It is not a secret that restaurants live and die by their online reputations. It is quite evident from the fact that keeping tabs on how their guest opine about the food quality, ambience of the restaurant, service of the staff etc., can literally mean the difference between lines at the door and shutting the doors.  Making the guests happy is the fad anyway. Digital Comment Card comes handy in getting customer’s dining experience before leaving the restaurant, which not only makes the guests visit again but also keeps them from venting about a minor skirmish or food quality or service on social media.

Digital Comment Card for Attractions & Theme Parks

Perfect time to gather feedback is while the visitors with families are deeply engrossed in the themed experience.  It is the most appropriate opportunity as it brings out the most emotional responses. Digital Comment Card is suitable for theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, historical sites, zoos, casinos, theatres and other public places.  Digital Comment Card surveys can also be used for gathering face-to-face visitor feedback across Public Park anytime when the footfall is high.

Better Feedback. Better Results.

It is high time that your customer feedback program is improved for the better. Go in for Digital Comment Card today and see the improvement in your business.



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