Cloudiway Migration Tools

Seamlessly Communicate & Collaborate With Multi-tenant Architecture

  • Merge or Split Your Office 365 Tenants
  • Move Your Users & Data – Zero Detention Downtime during Migration
  • With High-Velocity Cross-Tenant Office 365 Migration Improve Your Business Dexterity

A Robust, Yet Easy Set of Solutions to Consolidate

Mergers and acquisitions are not uncommon in modern business.  The process involves organizations to adapt Office 365.  A robust, yet easy set of solutions to consolidate their Office 365 infrastructure and services is considered necessary to put in place Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. Cloudiway, built on Microsoft Azure provides a full suite of Office 365 migration tools to cover all your needs which includes enterprises co-existence (calendar free/busy mail routing and GAL Sync). Cloudiway achieves impossible tasks while maintaining a secure and reliable process from start to finish with little or no training at all.

Smooth Transition During Migration

While moving from one Office tenant to another, business organizations benefit from full collaboration during migration. The transition is smooth as remote systems continue to run with complete availability of messaging and services; what more, transparent mail routing from Cloudiway helps to complete the process.  Users can communicate with each other even while you define your best migration strategy, like using a single domain. When you gear up for the switch over, Cloudiway provides a full suite of Office 365 migration tools and a host of options to take control over when, how and what is migrated through a single, yet intuitive project interface.

  • Syndicated tenant like ‘Godaddy’ can be migrated to a Microsoft tenant without much ado.
  • Obviously the only market solution that moves your mails, drives and SharePoint sites from a single interface.
  • Zero or no downtime.
  • Enterprise coexistence even during migration
  • Mail Routing
  • FreeBusy
  • Galsync
  • Account provisioning tool to save valuable time

Office 365 Mail Boxes

Mail migration can get faster between Office 365 tenants, with security and reliability in mind. To maintain zero downtime or avoid idle time, many Cloudiway customers performing an Office 365 migration opt to use the mail routing to switch domain name between tenants, besides these facilities,  it offers a wide range of option for how and when mailboxes are migrated.

Items Migrated:

  • Emails
  • Shared mailboxes
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Secondary calendars
  • Distribution lists
  • Folders
  • Allocations and authorizations
  • Rooms and equipment
  • Tasks
  • Journal
  • Notes
  • Inbound rules
  • Litigation hold folders
  • Online archives
  • One Drive

OneDrive to OneDrive and SharePoint Online Migrations

For OneDrive to OneDrive and SharePoint Online migrations, think of Cloudiway the one-stop migration utility. Providing tools for auditing and reporting to help plan, configure and progressively migrate content through a single user interface is Cloudiway for you. You can choose to keep or even overwrite existing files at the OneDrive or SharePoint destination. Moreover even consider migrating metadata such as file creation details.

Hi-fi Migration

Amazing fact – the entire content gets migrated without loss of data, indeed a high fidelity migration

Items Migrated

  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Slideshows
  • Folders
  • Permissions
  • Metadata
  • Uploaded files (like pdf, .jpg)

SharePoint Online

Cloudiway positions itself with the latest technology and APIs for rapid but simple migrations. The tough features and flexible options allow you to maintain data integrity, permission levels, version histories and metadata. One of the most important aspects of Cloudiway is the ability to provide auditing and reporting tools to critically help plan, configure and granularity migrate content through a single user interface.  Isn’t it interesting?

Items migrated

  • Top Navigation bar
  • Quick Launch bar
  • Permissions
  • Structure of site
  • Welcome Page
  • Pages
  • All Libraries; for example:-
    • Document libraries
    • Generic libraries, etc.
  • Discussion board
  • Microfeeds
  • Announcements
  • Webparts
  • TermStore (Taxonomy)
  • Content Types
  • Web Fields (columns)
  • Composed Look included in SharePoint Foundation
  • Metadata and permissions
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