Automated Delivery App

Thankfully, in the age of apps, one can order food from their favorite restaurant with just a few taps of
a phone screen. Whether the goal is to be anti-social, to quickly order dinner before getting back to
work, or to avoid having to pause that movie, our food delivery app is here to help.
We have designed a solution to break all barriers standing between restaurants and customers.

A branded delivery application, powered by Microsoft dynamics 365 for Sales, for each restaurant. One
System that manages your Loyalty System, Online Ordering, Marketing and Customer service
experience. It’s a customized app following your brand logo and guidelines.

Some features of our delivery application:
Imbedded loyalty program for deliveries and dine-ins
• Online payment • Order scheduling
• Favorites Menu
• Order tracking • Integration with POS
• Customer data collection
• Omnichannel marketing
• Robust reporting and analytics
• Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365