Automated Delivery App

Thankfully, in the age of apps, one can order food from their favorite restaurant with just a few taps of a phone screen. Whether the goal is to be anti-social, to quickly order dinner before getting back to work, or to avoid having to pause that movie, our food delivery app is here to help. […]

Digital Restaurants Menu

The interactive Digital menu app gives modern and interactive experience to your customers. Our digital Menus, Ouzaria & Le Menu give a new futuristic look to your menu while keeping it classy and easy to navigate. Customized at your request, the digital menu can become an ordering platform offering a modern new experience to your […]

Loyalty Program

Our Loyalty Program App helps B2C brands identify, understand and motivate each segment of their customer base. We empower marketers to discover and identify their most valuable customers on an array of configurableĀ  dimensions from behavior to spend to frequency to evangelism, rewarding them with the currency of their choice and fostering true loyalty. Features […]

Digital Comment Card

Customer feedback and all the comments are just a click away and available in our Digital Comment Card, making it easy for the mangers to view comments and get detailed ratings of customer satisfaction. These are determined by the daily, weekly and monthly email digest report. At a micro level the report options also provide […]

Mystery Shopper

Our Mystery shopper solution helps you visualize all the necessary data in one interface & Interactive dashboard tailored to your needs. This system helps you monitor your facility condition as perceived by your customers and assists you in tracking the progress of your outlets. Detecting any deficiencies in relation to the customer and having the […]