E-Commerce Is a Tactic.


E-Commerce Is a Tactic.

Why Us?

We help our customers embrace the mobile-centric web reality and transform legacy systems into modern cross-platform websites. Drawing on their deep front-end expertise, our web developers implement the most demanded web development scenarios:

E-Commerce Services

E-Commerce Consultancy

The scope services we provide includes:

  • Business analysis
  • Strategy development and roadmap creation
  • Improvements to existing systems
  • Assistance in the migration to
  • Architecture and technology consulting
  • Defining buyer personas


Our designers create modern interfaces and implement outstanding customer experience via UX/UI design:

  • Responsive and mobile-ready UIs
  • UX research and audit
  • Competitors’ design analysis
  • Intuitive web store navigation
  • Product page layout for higher conversions
  • Website redesign services
  • Usability testing


Our experience covers eCommerce mobile and web development:

  • High-performance backend systems
  • Flexible and scalable architectures
  • Feedback-driven feature enhancement
  • Custom extensions and plugins
  • Full-featured mCommerce apps
  • Configuration and customization


We integrate your e-commerce solutions with any third-party software:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 
  • Payment gateways
  • Marketing automation software
  • Inventory and order management systems
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Social media integration

Data Migration

Our team ensures proper data transfer to keep your business data’s integrity secure:

  • Current solution revision
  • Backup, audit and verify your data
  • Technology consulting
  • Content migration
  • Custom design changes
  • Data migration
  • SEO data migration

Optimization & Growth

Improve customer digital experience, unlock new sales opportunities, and grow your business:

  • Mobile-first approach
  • SEO 
  • Marketing automation
  • Website performance
  • Checkout optimization
  • Digital marketing  strategy