About Us

Let’s Cloud It.

About Us

Let’s Cloud It.

A glimpse into our cloud

We are an IT solutions & Digital Marketing company based in Dubai that prides itself on offering tailored, customer-oriented solutions and software for businesses. We kicked off our journey in the United Arab Emirates to roam the globe. 

We take delight in being a reputable Microsoft Dynamics partner in the Middle East.

Our experience in the field spans over 40 years and covers a wide spectrum of industries around the world.

Our prosperous journey in multiple sectors is an ideal reflection of our expertise, industry knowledge and business development skills, which guarantee enhancing the services and experiences offered by businesses.

Our unrivalled philosophy is embodied in providing you with personalized, state-of-the-art digital solutions and software, with the sole purpose of assisting you to stand out among your competitors and guiding you to attract more business opportunities in the market, wherever you are in the world.

Our team of qualified experts combines its technology knowledge, in-depth market research, business and marketing skills, as well as expertise in the industry to build cutting-edge solutions that would ultimately achieve optimal results for your businesses.

Our tribe only settles for the best, by exceeding your expectations and ensuring your satisfaction. Backed by a broad network, vast pool of knowledge and abundant resources, as well as the liability and power of Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence, we offer you innovative business solutions with proven results.


We deliver high-integrity scalable systems, not just temporary solutions. We offer our clients well-defined and convenient solutions, from software to applications, customized to meet their business needs, and based on market studies; while listening to their concerns, guiding them in their decision-making process and paving the way for their giant leap. 

An amazing feat indeed!

We’ll be there for you

As strategists, we understand the activities that make your business valuable to customers and unique amongst competitors. Armed with these insights, we identify opportunities in the digital landscape that align  customer needs with business objectives, then develop the tactics to make a perfect union.

Take our hand

We implement an effective hardcore study to our clients in order to understand their business and requirements. With a deep understanding of your business, we transform this study into a live project ready to satisfy  your needs

Buckle Up

Our team’s endeavor is towards a common goal i.e. exceeding the expectations and satisfaction of our clients. Backed by a broad network, vast pool of knowledge and abundant resources, ADAA Cloud offers innovative business solutions with proven results.

Time to fly

We take great pride about our expertise in Online Marketing, Advertising, Design, Web Development, E- commerce, Mobile applications which are a manifestation of our vast experience and inexhaustible product knowledge.

We Are Adaa

We believe that every business has the ability to become a success story.  We truly believe in the transformative power of digital technology and marketing strategy to enhance your business’ ability to attract new customers, communicate with your existing customers and elevate their experiences, which is why we are so passionate about what we do. This belief is at the core of our business framework and is what motivates us to do our best to help our clients achieve their goals.